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They’re Angry; Plans went Awry …so they accuse ‘Egocentric’
By Sylvia Blyden (A Semi-Satiric Commentary)
Nov 4, 2010, 17:15

They laid their plans so very well in order to fool the local and international world that this APC is serious about fighting corruption. Everything was set; well-set.

Alieu Sesay was described over a period of many preceding months as a State House ‘blue-eyed boy’ whilst Afsatu Kabba was labelled as a powerful and untouchable State House ‘Baby’. The public was regularly brainwashed that they (Afsatu & Alieu) were both two favourites of President Koroma when in reality, the two people had long ago, been offered up for sacrifice.

Alieu Sesay must surely be regretting the day he reportedly told a certain person he would not sign a certain 2.7 Billion Leones (US$1m) Tax Waiver until he was first instructed to do so in writing. Such “Arrogance” must be taught a lesson!


Afsatu Kabba’s perceived ‘over-ambition’ and growing uncontrolled nationwide popularity plus her refusal to bend the laws for certain family members was also a cause for serious unease. Such “Disrespect” must be taught a bitter lesson!

So plans were well laid and well set until that ‘egocentric lady’ saw through it all and made mincemeat out of the plans; ensuring the public could make deductions for themselves by making available what was hidden to be brought to the light.


Again, they are also angry because of the PUP’s initial plot going awry. They have the master-plan to set up the ‘Pack U Pockit (PUP) with free money in order to help the Pa explain away about the votes to be rigged all over the South-East in 2012’.

However, for the PUP master-plan to work, Charles Margai had to first of all become scorned and ridiculed to nonsense and made to appear like a political imbecile and painted as a man of no integral worth whom could be easily discarded with his PMDC party structure then easily taken over by PUP.

It was a well laid plan… BUT…! Once again, the ‘egocentric lady’ saw through it all and made a Charismatic Enigma out of the man who was preferred by ‘you’ to be seen as a source of scorn.

For every political step you take which is a genuine one, you will get loud applause from the ‘egocentric lady’ but for every nefarious political step you take, thinking you can pull the wool over the eyes of my people, the ‘egocentric lady’ will be right there standing beside you, yelling out the reality so my people can make their conclusions between the well laid plans and the truth.

Now, having finished with ‘YOU’, let me now address my little Sierra Leone brother Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh whom is the tool now being used to propagate nonsense.


Mohamed, have you seen the Bank Statement of the Fisheries account dating from January 2007 unto January 2010? Will any true patriot look at that Account Transactions and say the SLPP was corrupt and the APC is not?

Mohamed, do you have evidence of John Benjamin being involved in corruption or taking kickbacks and bribes? If so, bring them forward little brother and despite he is my good friend, I will be the first one to help you to condemn him. That is a promise.

However, as it stands right now, John Benjamin, to many people, stands very tall and proud as one of the finest and most selfless Sierra Leonean Politicians today. He possesses a wonderful sense of humour but he is not a comedian. The people already know who are the comedians. Trust me…


Finally, to those chanting out praises for the Anti Corruption Commission and President Koroma for successfully ‘convicting’ Afsatu Kabba for ‘misappropriation’ of Le300million withdrawn in October 2009, they would do well to ask why no-one was charged for the corrupt misappropriation of the Le150million withdrawn in March 2009 which the court of Justice Ademosu was told, was used to fund the APC Convention.

Who signed the authority for the Le150million to be withdrawn in March 2009? Was it Afsatu Kabba or was it someone else? One journalist, who is obsessed with bringing down Afsatu Kabba, already states in his Manjoroka Column, without evidence, that Afsatu Kabba was behind that withdrawal but I have a document in my possession showing that Afsatu Kabba formally took over that Ministry after 31st March 2010.

So, if Afsatu Kabba formally took over the Fisheries Ministry in April 2009, who authorised that withdrawal for the APC Convention and why did Abdul Tejan-Cole not charge that person?

The ACC and Tejan-Cole had the evidence of that withdrawal so infact, they even know what was the precise date of that signed authority for the Le150million to be withdrawn. The Le150million withdrawal for the APC Convention, definitely pre-dated the taking over of Fisheries Ministry by Haja Afsatu Kabba.

Do people really think we are all FOOLS who cannot see through the shameful sacrificing and scape-goating that Abdul Tejan-Cole perpetuated and President Koroma allowed?

Please, do not tempt some of us to react to your insults about egocentricity.

Kindly stem the rubbish dripping out of your pens and instead help us to question salient issues such as the absence of prosecution for glaring acts of corruption like the Wanza Deal or the Zainab Bangura Indian Rice Deal; the streams of ‘Certificate of Urgencies’ in Parliament under Speaker Abel Stronge and other glaring Mal-procurement and Peddling of influence which do not seem to be able to catch the eyes of ACC Eagle or attention of the local representatives of Transparency International in Sierra Leone (NAG).

And the last question I will like to ask, in addition to asking who it was who signed the approval for the Le150million ‘APC Convention’ withdrawal of March 2009, is this: If APC Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura is the founder (sole owner) of the National Accountability Group (NAG) which is the local branch of Transparency International in Sierra Leone, how credible can NAG and Transparency International really be with the findings and statistics they dish out to the world as facts about APC succeeding to fight corruption in Sierra Leone? Food for thought from the ‘egocentric lady’ as I pause my pen.

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