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Alpha Wurie SABABU Wave Spreads Nationwide
By Michaal Walker (Guest Writer)
Nov 4, 2010, 17:12

Since Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie threw his hat into the ring for the flagbearership of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), he has been showered with praises everywhere within the country. He has garnered support from party delegates from Koinadugu to Port Loko, Kono, Bo, Kenema, Kambia and now Bonthe. The name Alpha Wurie keeps reverberating to the amazement of the distinguished academic himself.

It all emanates from the exemplary leadership he demonstrated while serving as Education Minister from 1996-2007 (the longest serving in the country’s history).

It was during this period that he initiated and successfully implemented one of, if not the best, educational projects on the continent – SABABU Education Project – which supported the girl child after having been discriminated against in terms of accessing education particularly in rural areas.

Little wonder his name is now widely associated with the project such that it has been adopted as his campaign slogan.

The deafening chanting of SABABU!!! by cheering SLPP supporters in Waterloo past weekend restrained Dr. Wurie for a while when he took the rostrum to utilize the five minutes allotted to him to address the audience.

The young, the old, the elderly, all listened with rapt attention as he made his points, giving him a round of applause each time the message appeared to be well digested.

Dr. Wurie based his address on experience which he said was an essential ingredient for good leadership. The crowds concurred.

That same evening he departed for the Bonthe district headquarter town of Mattru Jong to meet with SLPP partisans and delegates.

At the said meeting on Sunday 31st October 2010, there were praises all the way. The SLPP Bonthe District Chairman Joe Benya said in his welcome remarks: “Dr. Wurie was one of the strong pillars of SLPP’s development aspirations. We have tremendous respect for him.” He noted that the SABABU Education Project, the country’s biggest post war success story, speaks volumes.

The SLPP Bonthe District Women’s Leader Mrs. Rita Savage on her part said throughout his over two decades teaching career Dr. Alpha Wurie is the best Education Minister Sierra Leone has ever had.

“This man opened up the system to accommodate and provide access to all children regardless of status. He enhanced and looked after our wellbeing and offered numerous opportunities to students in tertiary institutions. These are the types of leaders we need,” she reiterated.

All the other speakers at the meeting hailed Dr. Wurie’s remarkable achievements as Minister of Education for which they expressed appreciation and gratitude to him.

The meeting climaxed with a question and answer session.

Dr. Wurie is currently on a tour of the country to formally inform SLPP delegates of his intention to run for the party’s flagbearership. He has received very warm reception throughout.

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