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Jan De Nul Group & Classdiving Set to Upgrade Sierra Leone Ports
By Aruna Turay
Nov 4, 2010, 17:08

In a bid to upgrade the Sierra Leone Queen Elizabeth II Quay to a very standard quay that will accommodate large ships, an under-water construction and Marine Contractor Company ‘Classdiving’ in collaboration with a Belgium based Dredging and Marine Construction Company Jan De Nul Group, have been contracted by the Sierra Leone Government to dig the Queen Elizabeth II Quay jetty to a standard dept.

To commence the project, Jan De Nul Group has brought in their dredging vessel named James Cook from Spain which is presently parked at the quay awaiting all necessary arrangement to be completed.


Back View of the Dredging Vessel

In a conducted tour with journalists to the Queen Elizabeth II Quay on Wednesday 3rd November 2010, to see the ‘James Cook’ dredging vessel, the Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Classdiving Mr. Anders Peter Hansen told newsmen that Classdiving are approved agent for Jan De Nul Group, Dredging and Marine Construction in Belgium that has been operating in Africa since 1993 in construction and repairs of harbours and Jetties, special in areas of survey for World Bank projects in post- war countries such as Sierra Leone and Liberia, and also countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Angola, Congo, and Guinea. He said the vessel is here to dig the Queen Elizabeth Quay port to a standard dept of 11 meters. According to him, due to continuous erosion and other artificial reasons, the port has over the years become shallow to a dept of 9 meters. He said as a result this shallow dept in the port, a good number of large ships and other vessels have stopped coming in to Sierra Leone, adding that at the end of the contract, when the port would have been dug to a very standard dept, more vessels and large ships will start visiting the country and this he said will help boost the Sierra Leone economy. Mr. Hansen further revealed that Jan De Nul Group will be coming in with another dredging vessel to work on the Kissy Targrin Ferry Terminal, the London mining in Port Loko and that of the African Minerals to give them a standard dept that will allow more large vessels and ships to slam. 


Classdiving CEO, Journalists and APC Aberdeen Branch Executives After Inspecting the Dredging Vessel on Sea

He also used this forum as an opportunity to say thanks to the Managing Director Rtd. Captain Benjamin Davies and Mr. Sanie Sesay of the Sierra Leone Port Authority (SLPA) for what he described as their tireless supports in ensuring that the James Cook vessel came in to Sierra Leone.  

Classdiving is also partnering with the Martrade Marine Services based in the Netherlands and have so far been offering complete survey solutions of Africa Ports and Harbors, Bathymetric Survey, Side Scan Sonar imaging, Sub Sea Bottom Profiling, Echo sounding for detailed surveys, Repositioning of Navigation Aid, for vessel traffic, repairing to harbors, ports, and jetty structures, Cathodic Protection, Cathodic Potential Survey, Anode rehabilitation, Emergency repairs, Pipe laying, and mooring handling among others. Flexibility, reliability and quality are the major key word in the company, as well as customer discretion. Vessels can be surveyed, repaired & maintained where customers find it suitable, at offshore, on anchorage or at Port.


Classdiving CEO, Journalists and APC Aberdeen Branch Executives in a Trip to Inspect the Dredging Vessel on Sea


Port consulting and Port facility Security reports are some of the key services offered by Classdiving. Whatever the need is in aspects of Survey, they have the solution for a fast reliable first hand knowledge of the Ports structure, facility and details, upgrade of sea charts or test the ports construction structure (safe handling structure) steel and concrete super structures with non destructive test testing methods in inspection of port facilities.

According to the CEO, the purpose of the company is to provide the maritime industry with first class underwater service to Vessels, Harbors, and Ports, adding that they also provide marine consultancy for government and privates companies. He said at present, Classdiving Sierra Leone has a team highly trained and qualified members in all scopes of work and survey aspects, with a manpower of forty-seven Sierra Leonean and four expatriates from Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ghana who are presently involved in all sea based survey programs for Sierra Leone based companies such as the African Minerals Limited and London Mining Company Limited Sierra Leone as well serving as a contractor for the Vibrocoring Project for African Minerals and are also service partners with Fugro Seacore Project for African Minerals.

Dedicated Classdiving CEO


Dedicated Classdiving Team Posed for the Press After the Inspection Tour


Front View of the Dredging Vessel


Side View of the Dredging Vessel

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