From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

So did President Koroma Lie?
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden [BSc.(Hons), MB.ChB]
Nov 8, 2010, 13:08

I am currently in possession of a Special ‘Three Years Turn-Around’ Glossy Book published by the Ernest Koroma Presidency in Sierra Leone and widely disseminated worldwide!  It proclaims supposed merits of an alleged “Turn-Around” this country has experienced in 3 years under His Excellency. This book makes ambitious claims including an OUTRIGHT LIE that a multiple-roomed Junior Secondary School with Principal Quarters, Water Sanitation, etc. etc. has been built at Tondola Junction in Kailahun District. This, is an OUTRIGHT LIE. No such school was built!   For a Presidency to make such an OUTRIGHT LIE in a widely publicised book gives serious cause for concern. Meanwhile, it is up to President Koroma to clarify why his Presidency lied about building a Junior Secondary School in Tondola.

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