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In Sierra Leone, ‘Urban Greenery’ Poised to Protect the Environment
By Augustine Samba
Nov 9, 2010, 17:14

In keeping with their objective to keep a hazard free environment aimed at preventing future environmental disasters, a local Non Governmental Organisation, Urban Greenery Committee has in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security undertaken a massive tree planting exercise and awareness campaign on environmental protection in the Western Area.


This was disclosed to the Awareness Times in an exclusive interview on Wednesday 3rd November, 2010 by Greening Committee publicity chair, Mr. Andrew S. Mansaray. He said the organization has already planted about 288,000 trees in various water catchments in the western area. “Trees and forests around water catchments areas have been exploited to the extent that hazards including water shortage are now hard hitting in the capital city of Freetown,” Mr. Mansaray noted, saying trees play critical roles in sustaining the health of the environment by mitigating climate change, conserving bio diversity and the maintenance of clean and reliable water resources among others.

“Sustainable management of the forest and our trees, including the use of agro-forestry and water shed management form integral parts of the overall efforts to improve on food security, alleviate poverty and improve environmental quality for human existence,” Mr. Mansaray furthered, while disclosing that the committee would ensure the continued provision of maintenance to the planted trees with plans to plant more in other degraded areas.

He ended by commending Concern Worldwide for providing funds for the project.

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