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In Sierra Leone, YANCAN Trains Teachers on sexual exploitation and violence
By Dauda Koroma
Nov 9, 2010, 17:16

A benevolent NGO, Youth and Child Advocacy Network-Sierra Leone (YACAN-SL) on Thursday 4th November, 2010 commenced a two-day Teacher training session on the topic ‘STOP SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AND VIOLECNE IN SCHOOLS’ at their John Street Office in Freetown.  The session drew together fifteen teachers from various secondary schools in Freetown.


Making a short opening statement, YACAN national coordinator, Hassan Fuad Kanu said the training programme would help the participants to add to their knowledge of handling pupils in school. He said for too long, YANCAN’s focus had been advocating for school children leaving the teachers behind, but quickly confessed ‘yet we have always blamed them for all the problems that happen in the school.’ He noted therefore that the training was for teachers to join the campaign for children to have quality education and create an enabling environment where children will learn without fear of any nature. “This training is neither too early nor too late for all this will contribute to the change that will lead to safe school neighborhood and the creating of right choice to develop children.” He assured that the two days’ training session would make them more professional and better equipped to handle the many problems of children.

Mrs. Elfreda Scott, the Vice chairperson of the Conference of Principals in her short contribution thanked members of YACAN for giving her the opportunity to talk to the teachers about their role in school. She commended the organization for the brilliant initiative to capacitate teachers for effective work as in her words, ‘teachers are to provide warn and positive atmosphere for pupils in the school environment.’ She ended up by admonishing the beneficiary teachers to put into practice what they learnt from the training. 

Representing the education minister, Deputy Minister 2 Dr. Lansana Nyalley acclaimed the efforts of the organization, saying teachers are the ones that help children with special talents and academic work in the school environment. He expressed government’s gratefulness for the willingness on the part of YACAN to teach the teachers how to play their role in matters of sexual exploitation and violence in the school system.  “I have no doubt that this training will positively add to our continuing effort to make schools and other learning institutions conducive and peaceful,” he concluded.

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