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Former Sierra Leone President Momoh's Son is not Mentally Challenged - Says his wife Monica
By Aruna Turay
Nov 10, 2010, 17:16

The wife of the eldest son of the former President of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Monica Momoh, has expressed "bitterness" at members of the ruling All People’s Congress now erroneously taunting her husband as being a mentally challenged case in need of psychiatric help. Mrs. Momoh (nee Koroma) was speaking during an exclusive interview she granted to this writer at the tin-shack where their family of four was now forced to live after they were abruptly evicted from one of the residence of the late former President Momoh.

Past weekend, Mrs. Monica Momoh accompanied Mrs. Isatu Jabbie Kabbah, SLPP Women’s Leader, to Bo Town alongside her husband Alfred Momoh.

In Bo Town, Monica formally announced her switching of alliance from her late father-in-law’s APC political party to the opposition SLPP party which she described as "the party with the light".

"When my husband was campaigning for Ernest Koroma to win the elections in 2007, the APC did not see him as a crazy man but now he has seen the light and is speaking the truth, they call him a crazy man but 2012 will soon be here," Monica Momoh pointed out adding that their family took a long time to come to the decision to renounce the APC publicly for the SLPP.

Friends and Relatives of Alfred Momoh deny that he was mentally unstable whilst Momoh himself states he has never had need to be taken to a psychiatrist for mental help "even at the height of the APC stressing me out". The lamentations of the Alfred Momoh family include not only dwindling socio-economic conditions in the country but also include a more personal experience which saw Alfred Momoh and his other brother, thrown out of one of their late father’s residence by the last woman married by their father.

Alfred Momoh stands in front of the Tinshack where his family had to take refuge after his stepmother got Court Bailiffs to throw them, (allegedly without due process followed) out of the late President’s house in which he had been residing. Next to Alfred Momoh is Monica and their two children, the seven years old Alfred Momoh Junior and Teenager, Joseph Sulaiman Momoh.

According to the brothers, during the time of the SLPP of Pa Tejan Kabbah, their stepmother tried to have them evicted but she failed as the Law was correctly interpreted to ensure they stayed in their father’s house but they say as soon as the APC took over power, their stepmother allegedly used contacts within the APC to arm-twist the law in her favour and to their shock and surprise, they were rudely and abruptly thrown out of one of the late President’s two-storeyed residence early one morning by Court Bailiffs alleging that the house was now the sole property of their stepmother.

"All our properties were thrown out into the streets without any warning by the Bailiffs. I thank God that friends from the Rastafarian faith stepped in that day to help my husband because no-one within the APC; even within the party headquarters had been prepared to rectify the injustice which is why you see me and my husband and our two children having to suffer in this place now for the past several months," Monica Momoh lamented as she showed our reporter around the two bed-roomed ‘pan-body’ tin-shack she stayed with her husband and two sons, a teenager Joseph Sulaiman Momoh and a seven year old, Alfred Momoh Junior.

As for Alfred Momoh, whom it was who took this reporter to meet with his family in their tin-shack where they were living, he remarked jocularly as follows: "Craiseman dey get wef en pikin na house? Craiseman dey feed in pikin dem everyday? Craiseman dey send in pikin go school every day? Craiseman dey put clothes pan in pikin en take care of in wife? Well, if APC say ar craise, SLPP done mend me pan craise," which translated into English means, "Will a psychiatric basket case maintain a wife in the home? Will a psychiatric basket case feed his children every day? Will a psychiatric basket case send his children to school everyday? Will a psychiatric basket case clothe his children and take care of his wife? Well, if the APC says I am insane, then the SLPP has cured my insanity".

Meanwhile, scores and scores of the neighbours of the Momohs at their current Hill Station Gbangbayilla Community; which is a Community of well over two thousand people, also spoke to this reporter. The neighbours openly express disappointment at the ruling APC party for wrongly labelling Alfred Momoh as being mentally unstable and/or a psychiatric case.

One of them is a Building Contractor, Salman Kamara who is also the elected Vice Chairman of the Hill Station Gbangbayilla Community. Salman describes himself also to be a Rastafarian by Faith and went on to state that the insult against Alfred Momoh by APC writers seems to originate out of the fact that President Momoh’s son was a Rastafarian with long dreadlocks.

"But Alfred has maintained those dreadlocks on his head for many years now; even from the time his father was alive as President, we all knew him as a Rastafarian with dreadlocks. Even when he was in possession of lots of money, vehicles and lived in good houses of his father and late Paramount Chief Dura of Makeni, he had dreadlocks on his head. For over twenty years now, Alfred Momoh is a Rastafarian with the Rastafarian name of ‘De Lion’ but Alfred Momoh is not a crazy man which is why someone like me has him as a trusted friend," ended Salman Kamara, the Vice Chairman of the Hill Station Gbangbayilla Community in Freetown.

Meanwhile, Alfred Momoh has been spotted in several entertainment spots in the city wearing bright green T-shirts with SLPP logos on them. He can also be contacted at SLPP Offices where he regularly spends time now.

Contacted by this writer for his reaction to allegations that he used a mentally disturbed man to score political points, SLPP Secretary-General, J.J. Saffa, dismissed the allegations.

"I really do not wish to dignify those disgusting attacks on the personality of Alfred Momoh with a response," J.J. Saffa said.

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