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In Sierra Leone, Kenema Farmers Praise Zain for MAMA
By Augustine Samba
Nov 11, 2010, 17:02

Zain subscribers in the Kenema District have made public their satisfaction over the Zain ‘Mama Promotion’.

Over the past weekend, this reporter visited the district and spoke to farmers at Hanga, Niahun, Burma and other communities, in order to get their various views on the new promotion.

At Burma in the outskirt of Kenema city, one Paul Amara who makes a living from farming described Zain Mama Promotion as an open opportunity for all Sierra Leoneans.


The promotion, he said, is no doubt a festive gift that would make it possible for any lucky subscriber to win a prize or get a ticket for the Zain MAMA MTV show or the road to MAMA in Tanzania. 


Massah Kamara, a vegetable seller who cultivates a land by the Methodist Secondary School, disclosed that she and her husband are neck deep in the Zain MTV MAMA battle.


According to her, she always buys credit with the money received from her first sales.


A palm wine taper Sorie Turay of Burma expressed that indeed Zain caters for everybody. “Every now and then I receive text messages on the MAMA Promotion as my daughter, Aminata, often reads them to me. I am hopeful, and if I go to Nigeria through Zain, ‘orgas’ will have respect for me,’ he said.


The Zain MAMA MTV musical award promotion continues to garner momentum amongst Zain subscribers in Sierra Leone. The competition has reached a peak that many subscribers have become hipper vigilant to witness the MAMA MTV show.


For the past four weeks over 30 Zain subscribers have made do with valuable prizes including Zain modems, physical cash, television and many other items.


The promotion ‘Zain Change is in the Air’ encourages Zain subscribers to win items, physical cash or a ticket to Zain MAMA in Lagos or Tanzania. All Zain subscribers have been licensed to send their first or nick name to 6262 for just ten units and can either win prizes or a ticket to MAMA.

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