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In Sierra Leone, 25 Units Now For Zainís International Calls
Nov 11, 2010, 17:10

In a bid to make Telecommunications more affordable to all Sierra Leoneans, Zain now bill its subscribers 25 units per minute for every international call. It is a per-second billing and is meant to showcase the companyís determination in providing accessible tariff in the country. This new international tariff plan was launched on the 8th November 2010 which to date is the cheapest International GSM tariff in the country.

Zainís Commercial Director Ė Keith G Tukei Calls Made to the following destinations would be billed at 25 Units per minute


All Zain subscribers will get one unit per minute within 24 hours for every International call received. The bonus units would be allocated to a dedicated account and can be used to make on-net calls 24 hours after receiving the international call.


Speaking to this writer, the head of Corporate Affairs & Communications, Mr. Kelvin Kellie, expressed his delights about this new international tariff promotion. He assured Sierra Leoneans of more affordable tariff plans as the company is determined to enhance them of their communication needs especially now that the country is gearing up for its 50th Anniversary celebrations. He further encouraged Sierra Leoneans to inform their family members and friends about this new offer.


Theophilus Jonjo, the Manager for International Roaming Service at Zain, said this international tariff promotion will serve as a cost recovery for all Zain subscribers in the country. It will also serve as a boost for international business, he further stated.


In an interview with the Commercial Director of Zain, Keith G. Tukei expressed the companyís plans to deliver more unique services to the people of this country and the international calls promotion to ten destinations is just one step towards that plan. He further encouraged Sierra Leoneans to embrace Zain, very soon Airtel as the leading mobile company in the country in terms of affordability, wide coverage, quality service, and good net work facilities.

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