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In Sierra Leone, Airport GM Debunks News Report
By Dauda Koroma
Nov 11, 2010, 17:12

The General Manager of the Sierra Leone Airport Authority (SLAA), Mr. John S A Sesay, has on Tuesday 9th November 2010, debunked newspaper stories that there is serious theft going on at the airport.  He referred to such publications as unfounded, as according to him, some journalists are in the habit of publishing one sided stories without getting the other side.

In that short press briefing, the manager informed that contrary to what he described as fabricated reports, the Sierra Leone Airport Authority is well protected by securities, and that more stringent mechanisms are being put in place for proper security.

He expressed dismay over some sections of the media because according to him the media is expected to objectively bring to the attention of the airport authorities where they are going wrong, in order to correct their mistakes, rather than “manufacturing stories”.

He used the forum as an opportunity to inform the press about some of the his duties and responsibilities as the airport manager which he said includes to put airport security in readiness, and to be all times alert for any malpractice.  “The security situation at the airport is safe with the presence of immigration, customs and ONS officials,” he posited.

The G M went further to disclose that there would soon be improvement on the perimeter fence to deter thieves who are in the habit of jumping over into the airport to steal luggage and other valuables including office equipment.

He also gave highlights on upcoming developmental projects such as a helicopter service to be shuttling between Lungi and Aberdeen and the extension of the car park with serious security mount to protect properties.

He told newsmen that SLAA will this December get airport security equipment. “We will also soon get scanning machine which can check people for contraband drugs or/and other offense equipment,” he concluded.

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