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‘Our Hearts are with Alpha Wurie’ …Makeni students cry
Nov 11, 2010, 17:18

Students of the Northern Polytechnic in Makeni city have expressed willingness to join the campaign trail of erstwhile Education Minister Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie in his bid to become flag bearer of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) ahead of the 2012 election.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues at the flag bearer aspirant’s declaration meeting in the SLPP Northern Region office, Bai F.S. Kamara recalled when a couple of years back Dr. Wurie provided sufficient Grant-in-Aid especially to students of deprived background irrespective of ethnicity or political affiliation to enable them pursue their courses in tertiary institutions.

“Today, everything is totally discriminatory and some of the privileges we used to enjoy are no longer existent. This is why our hearts keep bleeding for Dr. Wurie because we know the huge strides we would have made in the education sector if he was still in charge,” he said.

Kamara described Dr. Wurie as a visionary and exceptional leader who creates opportunities for others to excel. “He laid a solid foundation that the country is now building upon,” he concluded.

A teacher, Madam Fanta Sheriff, buttressed the above assertions by pointing out that Dr. Wurie significantly improved their lives during his tenure as Education Minister. “He introduced brilliant innovations that positively impacted on us. Today, I walk tall as a teacher because respectability has been restored to the profession by Dr. Alpha Wurie,” she stressed.

The defining moment came when a blind student doffed his hat to Dr. Wurie for his achievements and for looking after the wellbeing of physically challenged students. This was buttressed by a physically challenged teacher, Peter Amadu Banty, who said his presence at the meeting was a show of gratitude to the shrewd politician for his immense contribution to post war nation building.

Dr. Wurie was in Makeni past Tuesday, 9th November, as part of his nationwide tour to formally acquaint himself with delegates and other party members, vis-ŕ-vis his intention to run for the flag bearership of the opposition party.

The office was packed with enthusiastic party supporters who chanted ‘SABABU’ as Dr. Wurie made his way into the venue.

They had converged there several hours earlier to give him a rousing welcome, saying there is no better way to thank and express appreciation to a man who did his utmost to give their children guaranteed future through education.

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