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Sierra Leone's NPRC’s Tom Nyuma, Sierra Rutile, Vimetco, John Sisay & the Inquest for late Bambay Kamara
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Nov 11, 2010, 17:20

The ruling APC’s proposed Inquest into the extra-judicial NPRC killings of former Police Chief James Bambay Kamara; allegedly by persons like Tom Nyuma will, in all likelihood, never come to fruition but it has been well used to yield high political dividends for President Koroma with opposition SLPP members now suspected of having partaken in the 1992 extra-judicial killings now silent or transformed into H.E. Koroma’s biggest praise-singers, in a bid to escape from MURDER charges.

A Bloodied & Mangled Tom Nyuma after he was taught a lesson by his buddy, ‘Leather’

Additionally, President Koroma’s First Cousin, John Bonoh Sisay and financially liquid companies like Titanium Resources Group(TRG), Sierra Rutile, Vimetco are all now being swirled into a messy rumour mongering pool about the Inquest being a 'good-cop;bad-cop' tool, with the recent revelation that Sisay, who is linked to TRG, Vimetco and Sierra Rutile, is now a generous giver of expensive gifts like Jeeps to alleged killer of Bambay Kamara whilst Nyuma, in a suspected bid to save his neck from the hangman’s noose, is now not only one of loudest praise-singers of President Koroma but biggest hater of financial development of the SLPP.

President Koroma’s First Cousin, Mr. John Bonoh Sisay, Chief Executive of Sierra Rutile, is now a giver of Expensive Gifts to NPRC’s Tom Nyuma.

Even if you are not an SLPP member but seen as being sympathetic to the SLPP, automatically you are black-listed by Tom Nyuma who is now his APC masters puppet as evidenced by many of Kailahun’s big financial contracts landing into the laps of pro-APC agents. Even newspaper Adverts from Kailahun District Local Council now only go to pro-APC papers.

More revelations are coming soon on these pages to show how a combination of greed for ill-deserved wealth and a fear of the ghost of late Bambay Kamara, whom Nyuma is alleged to have brutally slaughtered after first slicing off his 2 ears, have transformed Tom Nyuma into a big, lying puppet and an agent for APC’s success in 2012 Elections. Stay tuned.

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