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Nov 11, 2010, 17:04



Salone climbs one step on Human Development Index


Sierra Leone has climbed a step ahead in the recently released UNDPís Human Development Index report. The rating, spanning from 2005 to 2010 rates Sierra Leone 158 out of 169 countries the survey covered. This yearís rating took new perspectives into consideration such as gender, inequality and multi dimensional poverty. In spite of the step, the report says Sierra Leoneís growth is at a snailís pace, meaning more needs to be done in the area of multidimensional poverty that covers basic living standards and access to schooling and health care services among others. Out of every 100,000 live births, 2,100 women still die from pregnancy related causes.  The countryís HDI value for 2010 is 0.317 which according to reports is in the low human development category. , positioning the country at 158 out of 169 countries and areas which represents an improvement of one place over 2009.

YMCA Boosts Kroobay Disaster Victims


Newspaper reports have it that people affected by the recent disaster at Kroobay have received donations from the Young Menís Christian Association. The donations which include zinc, used clothing, kitchen utensils and assorted items were made to assist the affected residents of the community. Francis Reffell the Project Manager for YMCA is reported to have said that the donations targeted  the most vulnerable areas in the community that were affected and to restructure the affected homes to ensure that the most serious cases were addressed. It could be recalled that more than 2000 households were destroyed by the heavy downpour of rain during the month of August this year resulting in hundreds of residents becoming homeless.

New Security Scanning Equipment for Lungi Airport


Newspaper reports say a new set of up-to-date security scanning equipment to scan baggage, cargo and other items passing through the Lungi International Airport will arrive in Freetown next month. According to reports, the General Manager for the Sierra Leone Airport Authority John S.A. Sesay said this service will help give confidence to international carriers amidst the growing threats of insecurity in the world today. Reports say apart from these facilities, CCTV cameras will be added to the present ones in the airport for security threats. 

Man Stabbed To Death for a Prostitute


A man identified as Yusufu Mansaray of No.3 Coker Street in Kissy, Freetown has allegedly stabbed to death a male customer to a commercial sex worker during a scuffle. The incident is said to have taken place past Friday at Portee Junction in the east end of Freetown. According to reports, the deceased was allegedly stabbed to death by one Mohamed Shebureh Kamara, alias ĎSmall Voice of Kontorloh in Freetown who was serving as a pimp for one Yeabu, a CSW. Yeabu reports say had bargained with the deceased the sum of Le 5000 for sexual intercourse but confrontation later ensued between them. Yusufuís attention was later drawn to scuffle who reportedly dashed to the scene with a kitchen knife and stabbed Mohamed to death .The remains of the deceased have been taken to the Connaught Hospital for post mortem examination while Yusufu and Yeabu are in police custody helping with investigation.

6 Arrested for Shooting in Kambia

Monitored newspaper reports say six suspects who were involved in the shooting at Fodaia Village in the Samu Chiefdom one month ago have been arrested at Mafufuneh Village in Kambia. According to reports, the six suspects were arrested this week after being in hiding for almost a month following the incident which resulted to three people from the Sikiyaia Village sustaining gun shot wounds.


Parliament Ratifies Bio-Energy Agreement

Newspaper reports have it that the Sierra Leone House of Parliament has ratified the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone, Addax Bio-Energy Sierra Leone and Addax & Oryx Holdings BV. Reports say it is a 300-400 Million Euros investment project for the provision of Bio-energy.  

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