From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Sierra Leone's Opposition Resident Village Idiot flies out to U.K. and Ghana today
By Sylvia Blyden
Nov 12, 2010, 17:14

Tom Nyuma, who was disgracefully deported from America, in handcuffs in 2007, will readily tell people he graduated from an American college in Ohio State but nobody knows the name of this college. What is a fact is that he was kicked out of a College in Texas when he could barely manage to add two plus two to get a sum total of four. Simple arithmetic he could not handle and so he was booted out.

Here in Sierra Leone, the main opposition SLPP party’s resident village idiot (ie: Bigman Bigfool), Tom Nyuma will be flying out of the country today November 12th 2010 and he has been boasting that his school fees for some sort of ‘short academic course’ in London has been paid for by his friends. Who are these friends is the big question the world would wish to know.

After his supposed tuition period in London, sources say, Nyuma is telling others of his upcoming attendance at a conference in Ghana. What this village idiot will be discussing in Ghana when he cannot even handle simple, simple Arithmetic is left to anyone to guess.

Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries including the transformation of Nyuma's Cassada Farm Juba residence with multi-million leones cash upgrades like expensive split-unit air-conditioners and the brand new two hundred and fifty million leones mansion going up like a rocket at Torkporbu along the Koindu Highway and also the simultaneous mansion at Leicester; all of which the Anti Corruption Commission might be very much interested in knowing the source of such wonderful good fortune which has suddenly been poured on Mr. Tom Nyuma.

Of course, the brand new Acura Legend black saloon car was another gift from his mysterious friends whilst the new Landrover Special Edition TD5 Jeep was donated to him by H.E. President Koroma’s cousin, John Sisay of Sierra Rutile/Titanium Resource Group; another one of his friends who love him dearly.

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