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In Sierra Leone, USA Scientists Visit Bunce Island
Nov 12, 2010, 17:06

The Bunce Island Coalition (BIC), a group that advocates for the preservation of one of Sierra Leoneís relics of the Slave Trade, Bunce Island has brought a team of engineers and scientists to commence a five-year project aimed at preserving the historic site.

According to the team leader Joseph Opala who spoke to a cross section of the press yesterday 11th November, 2010 at the Tourism Ministry at King Harman Road in Freetown, their mission is to ensure that Bunce Island is preserved of what remains as historical fact which includes brick and stone wall buildings and artifacts such as graves and cannons.

Joseph Opala, an American historian furthered that the team also include two material scientists in the persons of Amanda Trienana and Christy Lombardo from New York, USA whose primary responsibility he said was ensure the preservation of the ruins on the island.

On their part, the two scientists said as part of their assignment, they would have to investigate the building materials used to construct the fort, including their strength and stability. They said even though the site had been deserted and exposed to harsh weather conditions for over 150 years, they would surely endeavour to put structures like a museum for tourism and research purposes, as well as helping to beautify the island.

The team disclosed that they have a US$5m donation from donor partners to help build Bunce Island for the country to benefit from the historical site.   

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