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As APC Attacks SLPP with Faeces & Violence... Sam-Sumana Should Ask of Himself
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Nov 15, 2010, 12:22

The SLPP last month held a mammoth meeting in President Koroma’s hometown which is also the APC party’s stronghold of Makeni town in Bombali District; the SLPP was there to present their 23 Aspirants for the position of Party Flagbearer. That meeting was held at the same time the President was visiting Kailahun, the hometown of the SLPP Leader John Benjamin. What became a source of jokes was the fact that the massive crowd of SLPP who stormed Bombali on that day far exceeded the crowd of APC supporters who simultaneously stormed Kailahun so much so that John Benjamin was overheard teasing that his friend Ernest Koroma should take this irony as a sign of defeat come 2012. That is how successful the SLPP Meeting was in Bombali. A peaceful Crowd of revellers!


Now, the point I want to make is that despite the massive show of SLPP supporters that came out in President Koroma’s Bombali that day, there was no intimidation of SLPP nor was there any violence hurled at the long SLPP convoy. The SLPP crowded convoy in Bombali included John Oponjo Benjamin, I.J. Kabbah, Dr. Kadi Sesay, Lawyer Alpha Timbo, etc. etc. etc.


Now fast forward to a few weeks later and the SLPP repeats the same showcasing of 23 aspirants in Koidu Town inside the Kono home district of the Honourable Vice President Sam-Sumana. But this time, violence erupts with one notorious thug by the name of Adamu being present in the thick of the violence as the ringleader. Adamu is said (not proven by this writer) to be an associate of V.P. Sam-Sumana.

Anyway, Adamu and his band of thugs set up road-blocks and ensure that Kadi Sesay’s group gets ambushed and forced to retreat; When Alpha Timbo, Hon. Emmanuel Tommy and John Benjamin attempt to rush to rescue Kadi Sesay from the ambush, Timbo’s vehicle windows gets smashed with stones, Benjamin’s vehicles suffer physical damage and his expensive mobile phone is smashed whilst Hon. Emmanuel Tommy, the SLPP Parliamentary Leader is left with a bleeding gash on his hands.

Earlier, a few hours prior to the SLPP triumphantly entering the town with a huge convoy of vehicles, unknown assailants had in the early morning hours of that Saturday, splashed faeces (raw kaka) all over the SLPP Party Offices (and I mean buckets and buckets of faeces).


This marks the umpteenth number of times that faeces and violence (including Rape) has been deployed against the SLPP in the Vice President’s hometown.

Now, I have closely been following the Vice President and he does not at this moment leave me with the impression that he is willing to sully himself and his growing stature in this society by associating his name with buckets of faeces and thuggery so he needs to ask himself why is he allowing for his home district to become the location where such is being deployed? As Chairman of the Police Council, the laggard reaction of the police to the violence makes him to appear as ‘Prime Suspect’. VP Sam-Sumana should ask himself why is he allowing the police in his home district to be laggard in curtailing and disciplining thugs like Adamu? VP Sam-Sumana should ask himself if he really needs this nonsense!

I am one of the regular critics of President Koroma who has helped to keep his Presidency on its toes but the public will recall that around this same time last year, I came out strongly to defend President Koroma against some SLPP Women who had attempted to demonstrate against him, because, say what you may about the man, when the Bankole Thompson Commission demanded for his close protection bodyguards to face the firing line over allegations of Rape of SLPP women, the President ensured he subjected all of them, including Leatherboots, to such public questioning (Pity the John Benjamin and Kadi Sesay SLPP Executive so badly failed their people at that time by not putting in any form of appearance!).

Now, if President Koroma can allow SLPP to campaign and convoy themselves to and from Bombali peacefully and if he can send Leatherboot & Co to face a Public Hearing, then our Honourable Vice President should ask of himself why is he allowing his name and person to be soiled in this manner by the likes of Adamu whom has since been reported to have escaped from Koidu town?

Sam-Sumana, to me, presently comes across as a well-heeled gentleman and so he should reconsider his options viz-a-viz the violence and faeces he is allowing to become a norm in Kono District. I realise that my Vice President Sam-Sumana’s has grown and matured tremendously since those early days when he was first elected in 2007. This is why I today wish to remind Sam-Sumana of a one-time Vice President we had in this country by the name of Francis Misheck Minah. He had a similar story within the APC and we all know how he ended.

Against the backdrop of Minah’s ending, I am asking our honourable brother Alhaji Chief Sam-Sumana to ponder to himself if it is really worth it for him to soil his image so needlessly. The man wielding the real power in this country, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is not being associated with violence or faeces(kaka) nor is Bombali being associated with such. So, why, for God’s sake is our Salone brother allowing himself and his Kono District to be so reduced to such [kaka] associations? And for what?

If only dead people could talk, I am sure Francis Misheck Minah would have quite a lot of advise to give to our brother Sam-Sumana about the vices of allowing your name to be associated with the use of violence against your people in order to propagate your (APC) political party.

I am not the late Francis Minah but my humble advise to my brother Sam-Sumana is that, as Chairman of Police Council, he should not only come out to publicly condemn this APC youths violence against the SLPP convoy but he should ensure the police bring Adamu and others to book; and very publicly too! Brother, you do not deserve to soil yourself in this manner!

Finally, my last point is to the so-called Kono supporters of Honourable Vice President Sam-Sumana including this notorious Adamu. Are you guys really supportive of the aspirations of your brother? If so, then all what you are doing is pretty much counter-productive. You are merely painting an otherwise fine Statesman as ‘a cheap suit employing thugs to deploy violence and human faeces [kaka] on political opponents’! Is this really the image of your Kono brother that you want the world to have? Think carefully. Think guys! Think!

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