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In Sierra Leone, Cecilia Bangura Resolves Chieftaincy Crisis in Sanda Loko Chiefdom
By Dauda Koroma
Nov 15, 2010, 12:16

The chieftaincy seat in the Sanda Loko Chiefdom, Bombali District, has remained vacant for the past eight (8) years, the Awareness Times has learnt but with the intervention of one Cecilia Bangura, a dynamic female native of the Chiefdom, it now appears that the vacancy will soon be filled.

The vacancy resulted because of a long-drawn-out power struggle, which ensued immediately after the death of Paramount Chief Samura Kanu III, eight years ago.

On Friday 12th November 2010, six contestants for the Sanda Loko chieftaincy, Edward J. Bangura, Lamin Kromakeh, Martin Dumbuya, Santigie S. Browne, Abu Dumbuya and Alpha Kamara, were guests of a ‘peace meeting’ held at the Government Technical Institute (GTI) situated at Ferry Junction in Freetown.
The meeting was summoned Cecilia Bangura.

“The chiefdom degenerated into chaos when January 31, 2010 was announced as the date for the conduct of the election,” said Madam Bangura, adding that the aftermath of that was a cancellation of the election and the matter taken to court.

Pa Foday Kamara, who was identified to this press as one of the advisers of President Koroma, attended the meeting, and emphasized that the chiefdom will never develop if the people refuse to put their differences aside and work as one people.

He advised residents to settle their grievances and crown a capable paramount chief so that the chiefdom progresses. He also admonished the various ruling houses to put their houses in order by advising their followers to always be law abiding.

Pa Kamara emphasized that his presence should not be seen as interfering with the chieftaincy process in that chiefdom, whilst making clear that he was only there to proffer advice during the peace-making process.

The president’s adviser pointed out that violence is not a criterion to attain power, adding that there are several civilized and legal ways of having one being catapulted to the citadel of power.

Following extensive presentations and deliberations, the six contestants agreed to withdraw the matter from the court in order for it to be settled as a family matter.

The withdrawal is expected to be done this morning and there are signs that the contestants are now willing to hold a peaceful election and crown a chief after a long battle.

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