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Tom Nyuma Apologises; Promises to Donate Jeep
By Our Correspondent
Nov 15, 2010, 12:21

Kailahun District Chairman, Tom Nyuma has informed close friends and relatives that he has now confessed to senior SLPP stalwarts at a Special Meeting in Bo as haven received an expensive Jeep from President Koroma’s first cousin, John Sisay of Sierra Rutile.

Nyuma also confirmed the details as exposed by Awareness Times that he was given the expensive Landrover (not Rangerover) Jeep with number AEW 755 just days after he effusively commended President Koroma whilst calling for “more time” to be given to the President by Kailahun voters.

Nyuma also promised to donate the Jeep to a worthy cause that would be endorsed by SLPP such as registering it in the name of Kailahun District rather than in his own name. However, many people remain sceptical as to whether the donation would take place at all alongside a number of other promises he made to the party hierarchy in Bo.

Sierra Rutile’s John Sisay: Donated AEW-755 Jeep to Tom Nyuma. Why?

Meanwhile, numerous party stalwarts are very upset with SLPP Leader John Benjamin for so far not taking disciplinary action against Tom Nyuma especially as Nyuma has been quoted as openly bluffing that he gave two bags of rice to an associate of Benjamin as a peace-making gesture. As the report of the rice donation spread, many SLPP members contacted Awareness Times to express disappointment with John Benjamin for allowing Tom Nyuma to mislead the American Ambassador and not be rebuked or ordered to retract his misleading statements.

One SLPP Elder told Awareness Times with bitterness that John Benjamin should realise that the SLPP was not the NPRC. However, Benjamin in reaction defends himself by saying, discipline “is a process” and “not instantaneous” but many party members are not amused with Benjamin’s refusal to institute disciplinary actions against Tom Nyuma over Nyuma’s unfortunate utterances especially to the American Ambassador who is considered as an important diplomat who should not have been misled by Nyuma’s self-serving lies.

At the same time, the APC’s mouthpiece newspaper last Friday carried a screaming front page article (shown on this page) in defence of Tom Nyuma thus making it very clear to all concerned that Nyuma is indeed a current APC puppet. It is widely believed that the proposed Inquest into the killing of Bambay Kamara is being used as a blackmailing Sword of Damocles hanging over Tom Nyuma’s head; all at detriment to the country’s budding democratic culture.

A political observer wishing for anonymity noted that “Although Nyuma claims loyalty to the SLPP, his actions all indicate otherwise but Nyuma, because of his past murderous actions, can be nothing more than a puppet in the APC so he pretends to be SLPP whilst serving the APC’s interests”.

It can be recalled that Nyuma is alleged to have personally slaughtered “at least one third” of the 29 people who were killed on December 29th 1992 in an extra-judicial killing. APC strongman and former Police Chief James Bambay Kamara is alleged to have been personally slaughtered by Tom Nyuma after Nyuma first sliced off his two ears.

“Even NPRC’s Idriss Kamara, a Northerner who was a member of the NPRC now an APC party member, has not found it easy within the APC where he was booed and physically humiliated during the last APC Convention let alone Tom Nyuma who can only be a tool in the hands of the APC which is why Nyuma continues to hide behind SLPP membership to serve as protection for his murderous ways,” said John Sesay a political observer.

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