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In Sierra Leone, Premier Media Bows Down to Awareness Times
By Salieu Kamara, Sports Reporter
Nov 15, 2010, 12:10

Over the weekend, earlier predictions by sports analysts and commentators came to pass, when the Premier Media football team suffered a humiliating defeat in the hands of the skillful, bouncing and energetic Awareness Times football team.

The friendly football match hosted at the Keity Field in Kingtom ended 1-0 in favour of the indomitable Awareness Times football team.


The match was graced by eminent personalities including but not limited to the Executive Director of Premier Media Consultancy, Dr. Julius Spencer, Managing Director Premier News Newspaper Desmond Finney, and the only female newspaper publisher in Sierra Leone cum Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Awareness Times Newspaper, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

Awareness Chief Executive Sylvia Blyden and Premier Media's Managing Director Desmond Finney at the Football Match

Two occurrences which are still being widely debated are the conspicuous disappearance of Dr. Julius Spencer, which took place immediately after the goal that sent his team packing, and the eye-catching absence of the Premier News Editor, James Williams (J. Willie).

Dr. Spencer was spotted leaving the Keity Field in a disappointed, devastated and depressed mood, which was as a result of the poor performance his Premier boys recorded. 

Press Liaison Officer Ishmael Kamara had to leave the pitch after suffering a foul kick. He scored the only goal

J. Willie, it has been learnt, decided to dodge the match because he was cocksure that his team cannot match the spirit of Awareness Times.   

Sure of the capability of her Awareness Times boys, the youthful and fearless Awareness Times Publisher continued to cheer up her boys until the end of the match, which was climaxed in a peaceful atmosphere.

During the height of the second half of play, when it became imminent that the Premier Media team was incapable to making any headway, the team resorted in foul play and the display of some Jet Li skills.

The Indomitable Awareness Times Football Team

Desmond Lewis, aka Tiger used his fist against the captain of Awareness Times, James Bampia Bundu, and doctors are still fighting to save the sight of the latter (just a joke!). But the maturity not to react which was displayed by Awareness Times Bundu was very commendable, though the referee materialized from nowhere and gave both of them red cards.

An interesting episode recorded was when Dr. Blyden, in the company of the teams Technical Director, Abdul Karim Fonti Kabia, majestically walked into the pitch of play, got hold of the ball and pointed out to the referee, that the second half of play which was slated for thirty minutes had far exceeded the limit. At that time, the time of play was already fifty seven minutes of play but the mysterious referee had no time in his possession.

Following that, the referee, who was not only recommended, but was also taken to the Keity Field by the Premier Media team, gave another red card to an Awareness Times player, but the team still stood out and succeeded in thrashing the Premier Media team.


Aruna Turay was the teams coach, and he put up an outstanding performance in directing his boys.

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