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In Sierra Leone, Goderich Police Boss Meets Community People
By Aruna Turay
Nov 17, 2010, 17:10

The newly transferred Local Unit Commander (LUC) to the Goderich Police Division, Chief Superintendent Alhaji Gibril Kabba Kamara aka Gallant Police over the weekend conducted a familiarization tour of neighbourhoods under his police jurisdiction, which include the Baw-Baw, York, Sussex, No.2 River, Adonkia and Ogoo Farm communities. The move, described by community elders as a novelty was aimed at acquainting the LUC with the people and the community he has been detailed to protect.

The tour also gave the LUC the opportunity to give the community people a gist of his own pattern of policing.

Catching up with LUC Kamara’s team during the familiarization tour, our reporter spoke with Inspector Mary Collier, head of the Goderich Police Community Relations Department who said the visit was designed to introduce the new LUC to the community people and explain to them his style of policing which she said was ‘taking the police to the people.’  She emphasized on the need for community policing as a means of preventing the police from working in isolation, and hence an easy method to fight crime through community involvement. 

LUC Kabba Kamara himself dilated on different styles of policing and police officers which he said vary in many ways, though aimed at arriving at the same goal. He iterated that his is to work with the community, in which vein he implored the people to join hands with him and his team by reporting all crimes to the police. “I want you to always look at the police as brothers and friends, not enemies.”

LUC Kabba also cautioned against the act of violence on women and children. “Since I have great respect for human beings, my style of policing frowns at domestic violence and crime against women and children for which I never hesitate to punish defaulters,” he posited.  He said community policing means that people should not only always go to meet the police but that the police must also go out and meet the people.

He ended by cautioning against land grabbing and illegal sale of state lands and to report without delay all such anomalies directly to the police or through the Local Police Partnership Board (LPPB).  He also requested community people to provide parcels of land for future construction of police stations/posts at various points in their communities.

In his brief complimentary speech, the Headman of fish-rich and peaceful Baw-Baw community, Chief Gibrilla Kargbo lauded the initiative of the LUC, saying “Since I grew up in this community, no police big man in Sierra Leone has ever paid us such a visit, not even those assigned to this area.”  He added that LUC Kabba Kamara has broken the record. “We now know that we are part of Sierra Leone and we’re ready to cooperate and work with him and his men in combating crime.”

This was echoed by another senior member of the community, Madam Elizabeth Jabu Leigh who gave a fervent thank to the visiting team. She expressed hope that the LUC would conduct more of such visits from time to time. “The presence of the LUC in our community has sent waves of excitement to all the people of Baw-Baw especially the youths who have pledged their tireless support for the police.

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