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Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) Extends Umaru Fofanaís Tenure
By Mohamed Kanu
Nov 18, 2010, 17:26

Members of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) have agreed to extend the lifespan of the Umaru Fofana led executive.


This decision was reached on Wednesday 17th¬†November 2010 at an extraordinary general meeting held at the associationís Campbell Street Headquarters.


The motion to extend the lifespan of the SLAJ Executive until March 2011 was engendered by deferment of the associationís biennial conference, which is constitutionally stipulated for December.¬† This postponement is to allow enough time for the preparation of the biennial congress scheduled to take place in the eastern city of Kenema not later than in March, 2011, it was argued.


It was therefore, adopted by votes in that extraordinary general meeting that though as prescribed by SLAJ Constitution the mandate of the Umaru Fofana led executive is supposed to expire on the 21st December 2010, the need is there to retain the current executive for the simple reason that they are charged with the responsibility to organize biennial conferences.


In an earlier meeting last week to discuss the 2010 biennial conference, SLAJ members unanimously accepted late planning for the associationís failure to meet its constitutional provision to organize this yearís biennial conference in December.


The Ďconstitutional amendmentí was what prompted the extraordinary general meeting to discuss and adopt the possibility of shifting the date for the congress.


A motion to dissolve the present executive on the prescribed date in the constitution, and for the formation of an interim executive whilst the AGM Committee prepares for the biennial conference, which was moved by Abdul Karim Fonti Kabia, was rejected on grounds that the constitution permits the executive to organize the biennial congress.


Meanwhile, scores of SLAJ members have told the Awareness Times that the delay in putting modalities in place for the biennial conference was a deliberate move by the SLAJ executive to continue to hold office beyond their mandate.

Umaru Fofana, SLAJ President, has however emphasized that it was none of the making of the executive to delay this yearís congress, adding that he would do all in his powers to ensure that his executive did not enter into March 2011 without what he described as Ďa renewed mandate.í

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