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Plan Sierra Leone Launch PAGES project in Kailahun District
By Mykel Charlie Hinga Communication\PR Unit
Nov 18, 2010, 17:10

As part of his maiden tour of all 4 Plan Operational areas in Sierra Leone, the new Plan Country Director, Augustine Allieu has launched ďPromoting African Grassroots Economic SocietyĒ PAGES, in the Kailahun District, Eastern Sierra Leone.

The aims and objectives of  PAGES is promoting Economic Society through Education and Skills programs in Sierra Leone.

Lt. Col. Rtd. Tom Nyuma

The PAGES Launching which was witnessed by the Chairman and Councilors of the Kailahun District Council, traditional leaders and other Plan partner organizations is being funded by the Canadian Government through the Canadian International Development Agency CIDA. In his opening remarks, the Kailahun District Council Chairman, Lt. Col. Rtd Tom Nyuma, said Plan has been taking the lead in terms of Education and Health since its inception in 2003 in Kailahun District. He appealed for more Plan input and called for Community Managed Projects in all Plan programs in the District, as we should also be seen in the development of our community. The new Country Director, Plan Sierra Leone, Augustine Allieu, said, since the organization commenced operations in the District in 2003, ďwe are pleased with the partnership that has been nurtured. With Plan visibility now in all 14 chiefdoms in the District, we now have more partners and are all geared towards meeting the quest of childrenĒ. He pointed out that partnership is equal responsibility, mutual respect, transparency, equal rights and discipline. Mr. Augustine Allieu said, the Child Centered Community Development CCCD is being translated by Plan through the ďCommunity Managed ProjectsĒ CMP and so appealed, for their necessary participation. He advised the partners to suggest projects that are within the National and District Development agenda in line with Plan strategic plans, Readiness toParticipate in the Implementation of Projects, road accessibility to proposed project sites and where more children have access to the implemented projects.¬†¬†

Grants CoordinatorÖ David Sovula

Participants had the opportunity to raise issues pertaining to Planís input in the District, which they said, has been tremendous, but appealed for more schools, health clinics, increase teacher training and provision of more teaching and learning materials, road construction and building of bridges. Responding, the Country Director, assured the gathering of a positive response to their concerns, based on their readiness to work within the frameworks he has outlined earlier. With regards road network projects. Mr. Allieu said ďPlan cannot do road projects, but can facilitate the feeder roads construction by giving the tools and probably food for work through WFP, whiles the community provides the labour force. Prior to the launching of the PAGES project, Grants Coordinator, David Sovula, said the $20 million, five years project is for seven Countries of which Sierra Leone will get 17% amounting to 2.3 million dollars developmental projects in 4 chiefdoms of Luawa, Upper Bambara, Jawei and Njaluahun till 30th¬†June, 2015, with women, school children, teachers, youths and women as target beneficiaries Mr. Allieu said, four of 6 classroom blocks and one standard

GSM Manuel Manuel & CD Augustine Allieu

Junior Secondary School shall be erected, and provided with furniture, teaching and learning materials, in-service training for 400 teachers and support the training of 315 teachers through the distant learning program, provide institutional support to partners and support micro-finance activities through the Village Savings and Loan to 280 groups. He appealed for their fullest support and cooperation to make such projects a reality.

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