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In Sierra Leone, Zain Change Is In The Air; Vote Now For Your Mtv Artists
Nov 18, 2010, 17:14

The MTV networks Africa and Zain have announced that, fans of the various artists nominated for this years awards in Nigeria should start casting their votes for the various categories.


All Zain subscribers in Sierra Leone are encouraged to vote for the artist of the year, song of the year, best Anglophone artist, best Francophone,  and  Lusophone artist, best Group, best female, best male, new artist of the year, and best Video of the MAMAs video of the year.


In order to see your favorite artists take home the golden award in December 11th  2010, use the following format to vote for your favorite artists based on the various categories below:


To vote for Artist of the year

2FACE                                                      SMS AY 2FACE send to 6262

FALLY IPUPA                                         MS AY FALLY IPUPA send to 6262

JOZI                                                         SMS AY JOZI send to 6262

P- SQUARE                                             SMS AY PSQUARE send to 6262

To vote for song of the year,

Lagos Party- by BANKY W!   SMS SY LAGOS PARTY send to 6262

Fall in love- by D BANJ!     SMS SY LOVE IN LOVE send to 6262

Fairytale- by Liquideep!    SMS SY FAIRTALE send to 6262

Show Dem- by JR!             SMS SY SHOW DEM send to 6262


BIG NUZ!                                                  SMS BA Big Nuz send to 6262

DADDY OWEN!                                       SMSBA Daddy Owen send to 6262

SARKODIE!                                              SMS BA Sarkodie send to 6262

WANDE COAL!                                       SMS BA Wande Coal send to6262


AWADI!                                                     SMS BFR AWADI send to 6262

BA PONGA!                                              SMS BFR BA PONGA send to 6262

DJ ARAFAT!                                              SMS BFR DJ ARAFAT send to 6262

FALLY IPUPA                                            SMS BFR FALLY IPUPA send to 6262


CABO SNOOP!                                     SMSBL CABO SNOOP send to 6262

DAMA DO BLING!                                   SMS BL DAMA DO BLING send to 6262

LIZHA JAMES!                                      SMS BL LIZHA JAMES send to 6262

PAUL G!                                                  SMS BL PAUL G send to 6262

To vote for the BEST GROUP of the year,

P-SQUARE!                                              SMS BG PSQUARE send 6262

P UNIT!                                                      SMS BG PUNIT send to 6262

RADIO& WEASEL!                                 SMS BG RADIO& WEASEL send to 6262

TEARGAS!                                                SMS BG TEAGAS send to 6262

To vote for the BEST FEMALE ARTIST of the year,

BARABARA KANAM!                              MS BF BARABARA KANAM send to 6262

LIZHA JAMES!                                         SMS BF LIZHA JAMES send to 6262

Nnka!                                                        SMS BF Nnka send to 6262

 SASHA!                                                   SMSBF SASHA to 6262

To vote for the BEST MALE ARTIST,

2FACE                                                       SMS BM 2FACE send to 6262

BLACK COFFEE                                      SMS BM BLACK COFFEE send to 6262

FALLY IPUPA                                            SMS BM FALLY IPUPA send to 6262

WANDE COAL                                         SMS BM WANDE COAL send to 6262

To vote for the brand new artist of the year,

DIAMOND                                                SMS BNA DIAMOND send to 6262

JOJO!                                                       SMS BNA JOJO send to 6262

MO CHEDDAH!                                       SMS BNA MO CHEDDAH send to 6262

MUTHONI!                                                SMS BNA MUTHONI send to 6262

To vote for the BEST VIDEO of the year,

FALLY IPUPA                                            SMS BV FALLY IPUPA send to 6262

P- SQUARE f/t  J. MARTINS                   SMS BV PSQUARE  send to 6262

PARLOTONES                                          SMS BV PARLOTONES send to 6262

BANKY W!                                                SMS BV BANKY W send to 6262


Zain as a proud sponsor of these Awards wants all Sierra Leoneans to be part of this promotion by voting now for their admired artists as stated above through Zain. By sending your sms to 6262 two lucky winners will be given the chance to witness the show in LAGOS, NIGERIA with a VIP all-expense paid trip plus $500 in shopping money.

There are other attractive prices such as cash prizes of Le 500,000, Le 400,000, and Le 300,000, home theatre and flat screen TV, Zain Internet modem, deep freezer, and free air time. Subscribers will have the opportunity to win more prizes if they choose to send in their vote as described above to 6262. The more votes cast for any of the above category, the more chance you will have to win great prizes.

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