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In Sierra Leone, Community Development Awards Soon
By Aruna Turay
Nov 18, 2010, 17:16

A private-members’ club, ALLFOUNDERS, is all set to introduce the community development awards, which has been slated for April 2011.

The awards will have as theme: “Re-developing Sierra Leone from the ground upwards”.  The program is designed to acknowledge innovative works of communities aimed at development.

Chief of Administration, ALLFOUNDERS Club, Lawrence Spencer Coker told the Awareness Times at his Big Waterloo Street office on Monday 15th November, 2010 that the Community Development Awards (CDAs) is an annual event that rewards one community from each participating country with the presentation of an award for best meeting the development goals of the Community Development Initiative (CDI), adding that every year, a newly formed CDI Awards Panel sets the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) against which each community will be judged.

Mr. Spencer Coker said the goals for the event includes to foster rapid development of communities, project Sierra Leone to a global audience as a country of innovative people who value community development, and above creates awareness for the ‘I am proud to be a Sierra Leonean’ campaign on the above theme.

In addition to ongoing interventions whenever the need arises, Mr. Spencer Coker went on to say that a Community Development Loan (CDL) would be given to each community across the country to facilitate locally led development initiatives as ALLFOUNDERS’s CDI global scheme.

On the award’s touch points, Mr. Spencer Coker stated that only one (1) annual award would be given per country. He said communities that enter for the award would be judged against pre-determined KPIs set by new panel each year, adding that the event rotates to various countries across the world and that Sierra Leone has been given the opportunity to host the 2011 award on April 19. “We are keen to partner with paramount chiefs and the Sierra Leone Police for the 2011/2012 events since they are well abreast with development needs and peace indicators in their various communities.

Mr. Spencer Coker concluded by saying that the prizes for the said awards are in line with the corporate philosophy of ALLFOUNDERS, aimed at benefiting a whole community.

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