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VICTIM OF KONO ATTACK: Moses Nyambe Explains Ordeal
By Moses Nyambe
Nov 19, 2010, 17:12

I am a victim of Adamuís reckless attack on SLPP in Kono. I am gradually recovering from the wounds I sustained in my ears and head inflicted by the stick and stone missiles that hit Dr. Kadi Sesayís convoy.

As I respond to treatment in my little room in rural Freetown, I still cannot understand the rationale for the brutal and unprovoked attacks on innocent people who hold a different belief from the APC government. Was this attack meant to intimidate or destroy Dr. Sesay and take her out of the SLPP leadership race? I donít know.

SLPP has given its own interpretation of the attack. Their Press Release of Monday 15th November states that ďthe action of  APC hooligans was to terrorise and intimidate opposition supporters and innocent citizens of Kono district from voting their conscience in the December bye-election.Ē This statement might be true. But the attack has not changed my views but rather strengthened by resolve as a supporter of SLPP. No intimidation will change that. I went to Kono with Dr. Kadi Sesay, the SLPP aspirant in whom I have tremendous faith to lead this country. No amount of brutal attack will change that.

Adamuís victim: SLPP supporter wounded in Kono.

Twenty five of us were in a mini bus that accompanied Dr. Sesay to Kono on Saturday 13th November to present the SLPP local council candidate to the district. We arrived in Koidu at 1.15pm. We drove to the SLPP office and were struck to see that two buckets of human excreta collected from neighbourhood toilets had been deposited at the office. This was a crude and cruel devise to prevent the party and its guests from meeting at the office. SLPP still went ahead with their meeting in another location. A large crowd of us party supporters were assembled outside the hall where the party had its meeting. Adamu and his thugs then drove in high speed through the crowd on the field attempting to murder someone and disrupt the meeting. The Koidu police looked on and did not arrest Adamu.

The meeting ended at 7.00pm and we were on our way back to Freetown. Our vehicle was just ahead of Dr. Kadi Sesayís. In the middle of Koidu town I saw Adamu and a gang of 15 attacking our vehicle with sticks and stones desperately seeking someone to capture or damage. I donít think I was a target.

We rushed out of the van and retreated to Tankoro police station for safety. We realised that two ladies in our van have been injured and Dr. Sesay had also retreated to the police station. When the police decided to give us escort to a safe location out of Kono our convoy was attacked again.

Adamuís stone missiles hit me on my head and ear. I started bleeding through the ear.

The party hierarchy realised that their members were in danger and decided to investigate the matter.

Driving to the crime scene, another SLPP presidential aspirant Mr. Alpha Timboís vehicle was attacked and vandalised. The SLPP Minority leader in Parliament, Hon. Emmanuel Tommy was injured in the incident. The SLPP Chairman and Leader, John Benjamin was also attacked by the same Adamu and his gang. This was happening close to Motema Police Check point. SLPP leaders had to restrain us from reacting to what was about to degenerate into total anarchy.

I was in pain. I noticed that the police were in great dilemma. They wanted to do a professional job, save the helpless and innocent lives trapped in the middle of state terror. They wanted to arrest and detain Adamu - but something tells them that, the guy and his gang are far above the law. The police secretly told us SLPP to try to arm ourselves the next time we are coming to Kono.

I have come to realise that this is the 7th time that opposition supporters have come under attack in the last three years. SLPP party offices were attacked in Freetown in March 2009, women were raped in broad day light and the partyís radio station was destroyed; houses of opposition supporters were also burnt down by ADAMU in Tongo Fields village to intimidate opposition supporters. Similar unprovoked attacks occurred in Pujehun, Kambia and Bo in 2008.

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