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Sierra Leone Athletics Association Elects Andre Hope as President
By Bampia Bundu
Nov 19, 2010, 17:00

The Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA) on Thursday 18th November 2010 held its National Elective Congress at the Thompsonia Elliosion Hall, Syke Street in Freetown.

Addressing the delegates at the congress, the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Desmond Finney, noted that he accepted to serve in the capacity of Chief Electoral Commission because he was once an athlete and represented had represented Sierra Leone in several competitions both locally and internationally.

He pointed out that only thirty two (32) delegates were present, irrespective of the fact that forty two (42) delegates were supposed to have participated in the process.

“This occurrence is due to some misunderstanding amongst members,” he pointed out, whilst noting that he will continue to dialogue with the delegates who boycotted the elective congress. He expressed hopes that they will see reason to come onboard and work for the betterment of the country.

Commissioner Finney revealed that the SLAA constitution clearly states that “as long as there is one third majority of the delegates in a congress, election must be conducted”.

He concluded by stating that the report of the electoral process would be immediately filed to FAAF in Monaco, France, for their knowledge so that Sierra Leone will not be blacklisted.

Minister of Defence, Rtd. Major Paulo Conteh appealed to all athletes to work as one in order to push sporting activities forward. He urged the other delegates to support the new executive so as to ensure a healthy association in the next five years.

Mr. Andre T. Hope was elected as the new president of SLAA.

In his inaugural speech, he commended the delegates for trusting that he can deliver accordingly.

Mr. Hope assured them of his unwavering commitment towards the progress of the association.

He described himself as the ‘humble servant in sport’ and assured that he will do all he can to prove to others that he can deliver.

He used the forum as an opportunity to inform members of the Herculean task ahead of them and in that regard appealed to the delegates, who boycotted the congress to put hands on deck for the association’s progress.

The newly elected executive consists of the following: President, Andrea T. Hope, who was elected unopposed, Vice President Alie J. Kamara, 28 votes, Secretary General, Mr. Martin M. Bangura, unopposed, Assistant Secretary General, Miss. Ann Marie Kaikai, unopposed, Marketing Officer/Organizing Secretary, Mariama Baimba, 24 Votes, Public Relations Officer, Mohamed Kamara, 18 Votes, and Women’s Representative Augusta Thelma, unopposed.

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