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‘Lord-A-Mercy : More Lies From Our Presidency And Tom Nyuma Can Not Help APC to Lie this time...
Nov 24, 2010, 17:16

‘Lord-A-Mercy’ is an expression commonly used by Sierra Leoneans to express sudden feelings, and at the same time seeking forgiveness and intervention of God in a particular situation.

It was actually coined from the English phrase “lord have mercy” and has the same meaning in the local Krio parlance.

The aforementioned expression was the popular reaction of citizens from across the country on learning about the latest revelations of the lies emanating from the presidency.

Following claims from the presidency that certain developmental projects have been undertaken in the Pujehun Local Council, the Awareness Times investigative team has uncovered that the alleged undertakings are nothing other than sheer fabrications. See Part two for startling revelations.

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