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So Did President Koroma Lie? Part (2)
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (just back from Cameroon)
Nov 24, 2010, 17:14

This is Part 2 of my ongoing Questions for the attention of the Presidency of Sierra Leone. It will be recalled that on November 8th, 2010 this year, I had posed a question over why the Presidency fabricated an OUTRIGHT LIE about a Junior Secondary School in the township of Tondola in Kailahun District. In response, the main Opposition party’s reprehensible Fifth Columnist Tom Nyuma was to shame himself and his political party by coming out with what he called a Press Release in defense of the Presidency.


The Tom Nyuma’s Release was rubbish and simply compounded the embarrassment as yesterday, Plan International, in a Statement issued to Awareness Times at our offices, reduced Tom Nyuma’s disgraceful Press Release to what it rightly deserves to be treated as: a piece of TRASH containing LIES. According to Spokesperson  of Plan International who visited our offices, Plan International has never built any School at Tondola in Kailahun District contrary to what Nyuma’s Kailahun Council tried to allege.


Well, let us move on dear readers. The Tondola School fabrication in the Special ‘Three Years Turn-Around’ Glossy Book published by the Ernest Koroma Presidency was contained on Page 37. In today’s question, again for the attention of the Presidency, I am turning my attention to the next Page which is Page 38 which also contains SEVERAL OUTRIGHT LIES but this time, not about a school in Kailahun but about the following fabrications that the Presidency claims to have undertaken in Pujehun Local Council:


1. Two Senior Staff Quarters rehabilitated and equipped with household furniture and utensils at Pujehun Township.

2. Construction of a Three Classroom Primary School including Head Teacher’s Office, Stores, three VIP toilets, a hand pump well and furniture at Liya, Kpaka Chiefdom.

3.  A Youth Resource Center at Pujehun Township.

4. A Tourist Centre at Sulima, Soro Gbema Chiefdom.


My investigative team has uncovered that all the above are sheer fabrications (ie: OUTRIGHT LIES)! It is unbelievable that our Presidency; our Fountain of Honour, is now reduced, for whatever reasons/excuses, to publishing OUTRIGHT LIES worldwide in order to mislead the world about Presidential achievements. Not just in Kailahun but in Pujehun and possibly, even more revelations on the way as my investigators are hotly on this task right now.


As I stated on November 8th 2010, it is up to President Koroma to clarify, if he wishes, about why his Presidency LIED about building non-existent structures in Sierra Leone. For a Presidency to publish such OUTRIGHT LIES in a widely publicized book, gives serious cause for concern! This time, Tom Nyuma cannot speak on the APC’s behalf as he is not the Pujehun District Local Government Chairman. I doubt if our brother, Saddiq Sillah, the Pujehun District Chairman will be willing to help defend these LIES from the Presidency; as freshly uncovered by Awareness Times since Saddiq Sillah does not have threat of Bambay Kamara Inquest hanging over his head!


The Presidency should explain (if there is respect for us voters!) why all these OUTRIGHT LIES to the world about ‘achievements’ in three years? The country, nay the entire world, is waiting.


This is serious Mr. President & Fountain of Honour! Very serious!

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