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In Sierra Leone, Classdiving & Ports Authority to Modernize Sierra Leone Harbour
By Augustine Samba
Nov 24, 2010, 17:10

In order to enhance trust and attract more businessmen, vessels and investors in Sierra Leone, Classdiving, a marine consulting and survey company has collaborated with the Sierra Leone Ports Authority to modernize the Sierra Leone Harbour to an international standard.

To achieve this goal, MV Combi Dock 1, a sub-marine ship with a length of 165 meter and 25 meter width, on Sunday docked at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay with a big dredge, Dirk Martens Combi Lift from Demark through the OBT Shipping Company to start operation in Sierra Leone.

The dredge disembarking the ship

Addressing pressmen on Monday 22nd November 2010, the Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Classdiving, Mr. Anders Peter Hansen, said a dredging company named Jan De Null was the leading company in charge of the dredging. He said Jan De Null will be operating with a big dredge, Dirk Martens, with a cutting suction dredger to clean and cut the sea bed at the Port and modernize it to a world class standard for more and bigger ships to land. He informed that the dredge is going to be operational for a couple of months to ensure proper service and maintain good landing operation.


During a conducted tour of the ship, Mr. Hansen disclosed that Jan De Null is a well equipped company with professional and technical officials who are ready to deliver an enviable job worth to be emulated by other Ports in the African continent.

Jan De Null engineers pose with Classdiving officials by the dredge in the ship

He said Jan De Null builds harbors, ferry terminals, ports, quays and dredge.

He revealed that the company has 40 dredges all over the world. According to him, the Jan De Null is currently carrying out operations in Columbia, South Africa, Asia, Sierra Leone and many other countries.

He furthered that the company is the main agent collaborating with the Sierra Leone Ports Authority, in response to the government strive to enhance development, and capacitate dredging solution in Sierra Leone.

CEO of Classdiving and Operation Manager of OBT, Alie Mansaray, observing the ship

He disclosed that they collaboratively hired Jan De Null to clean the sea bed as it has become inundated with debris, rubbish and many other dangerous materials.

Mr. Hansen said when the dredging operation would have come to an end, many big ships would sail to Sierra Leone. According to him, they are working on modalities to ensure that the Sierra Leone Ports become a central or main exports and imports landing to all West Africa States.

The off-loaded suction pipe at water-quay

The Ports is natural and is one of the best and biggest in the world so we want to capacitate it to become a leading port in the sub region he disclosed.

Classdiving and Jan De Null officials standing by the dredger

The ship submarging for the dredger to be removed

Jan De Null engineers standing by the dredge

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