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Tom Nyuma Apologizes to Plan Sierra Leone
By Bampia Bundu
Nov 25, 2010, 18:04

The confused Chairman of the Kailahun District Council, Tom Nyuma has swallowed his words and apologized to Plan Sierra Leone for wrongly including their name in his shameful attempt to defend lies as published in a Presidential Book and exposed by Awareness Times newspaper.

It could be recalled that on the 17
th November 2010, Tom Nyuma’s Kailahun District Council published a paid-for press release (reproduced below on this page) in the pro-APC Torchlight Newspaper in which Nyuma attempted to defend lies that emanated from the APC presidency. The release speaks for itself and has caused many members of the main SLPP opposition party to become even more upset with the actions of Tom Nyuma, a man they had voted into office en masse under the SLPP symbol.

Augustine Samba & the Roman Catholic Primary School Headmaster at Tondola

However, in another press release issued yesterday and signed by Tom Nyuma (one week after the first press release), Nyuma has now accepted that he had lied in the first release by confessing that no secondary school was ever built in Tondola by Plan Sierra Leone or Plan International. Interestingly, the new Tom Nyuma release confirms the investigations of Awareness Times by endorsing our report that whilst there is no secondary school, there was only a primary school supported by UNICEF.

“The Kailahun District Council therefore regrets any inconvenience/embarrassment the information might have caused to Plan Sierra Leone,”
Tom Nyuma’s signed press release reads yesterday.

It could be noted that the Spokesperson of Plan Sierra Leone was at the offices of Awareness Times Newspaper on Tuesday 23
rd November 2010 and was also spotted on the same day at the offices of the Torchlight Newspaper, and was on a mission to disclaim earlier assertions of Tom Nyuma that Plan Sierra Leone has built any school at Tondola in Kailahun.

When contacted, Editor for the Torchlight Newspaper, Alhassan Spear Kamara, told the Awareness Times yesterday that the press release published on 17 November 2010 from the Kailahun District Council, which was first published in the Torchlight Newspaper, was “an official document” which he informed was paid for on behalf of the Kailahun District Council through the Government’s Decentralization Secretariat.

He expressed surprise that Mr. Nyuma was now retracting the contents of the first Press Release in this second one of yesterday.

With all the aforementioned revelations, the minds of the citizens are now in doubts over the desperation of Tom Nyuma to defend the lies of the APC government.

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