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APC Lies Exposed in Pujehun
By Aruna Turay
Nov 26, 2010, 17:14

The Awareness Times investigative team continues to unearthed sheer fabrications of the Ernest Bai Koroma led presidency.

Launched by His Excellency the President, Ernest Bai Koroma, in September this year, the self-drafted and published ‘report card’ of the APC titled: “Sierra Leone: The Turn Around, Three Years of Transformative Achievements”, mischievously contained more of lies, and this piece will focus on the lies the presidency published about developmental projects in the Pujehun District.

Pujehun District Council Chairman Saddiq Sillah posed for Awareness Times after the Interview in Pujehun Town.

As the dust is yet to settle on the Tondola scandal, where the APC presidency lied that they have constructed a Junior Secondary School at Tondola Junction but later proven by the Awareness Times to be a white-lie, this reporter, over the weekend, stormed the southern district of Pujehun on an assignment to verify whether the developmental projects the APC claimed to have undertaken there were anything to go by.

In Page 38 of the aforementioned report card, the Ernest Koroma Government states thus: “Pujehun District Council: Rehabilitation of the twin Makibi river bridges linking Gobaru in the Panga Krim Chiefdom and Pujehun Town; rehabilitation of two senior staff quarters equipped with household furniture and utensils at Pujehun Township; construction of a 3 classroom primary school including the Head Teacher’s office, stores, 3 VIP toilets, a hand pump well and furniture at Liya, Kpaka Chiefdom; construction of Youth Resource Center at Pujehun Township; construction of Tourist Center at Sulima, Soro Gbema Chiefdom”.

PMDC's Pujehun Secretary posed with Awareness Times Aruna Turay after an Interview in Pujehun Town.

This reporter was stunned to learn from the people in the Pujehun District that the aforementioned projects are figments of the APC’s imagination.

At his Kai-Kai Street residence, Pujehun Town, on Sunday 21st November 2010, Chairman, Pujehun District Council, Mr. Sadiqq Sillah, was gripped with shock and disbelief to behold the lies that emanated from the presidency in its turnaround report card, and made no secret about his dissatisfaction over the fabrications against his district.

Former Pujehun Town Hall now APC's Pujehun Office on Stooke Road Pujehun Town.

“As far as I know, there is no Youth Resource Center at Pujehun Township. There is no Tourist Center at Sulima. There is no newly constructed three classroom primary school that has head teacher’s office, stores, 3 VIP toilets, hand pump well and furniture at Liya. And since the twin Makibi river bridges linking Gobaru in the Panga Krim Chiefdom and Pujehun Town was constructed several years ago, there has been no construction neither rehabilitation work done on them,” he pointed out, adding: “It therefore pains me, as the first gentleman in this district, and my people to behold such lies from the APC”.

The Pujehun District Chairman told the Awareness Times that the district used to have a community hall which was being used as a youth resource center prior to the assumption of power of the APC.

Chief of Sulima, Soro Gbema Chiefdom and Aruna Turay of Awareness Times Newspaper in Sulima Town.

“When the APC assumed power in 2007, they seized the hall and transformed it to their provincial office in Pujehun,” Chairman Sillah exposed, adding that the people have since been calling on government through NaCSA to provide them a youth resource center but to no avail.

There used to be a German Government funded programme called KFW in Pujehun, but according to the District Chairman, the project was halted as a result of mismanagement by NaCSA.

“During the tenure of that project, the people of Pujehun identified locations for a proposed youth resource center, a mini stadium, and other facilities, but all of these never actualized as there was not even a single document signed to that effect,” he explained.

The So-called APC Rehabilitated Twin Makibi River Bridges Linking Gobaru in the Panga Krim Chiefdom and Pujehun Town.

According to Chairman Sillah, the people of Pujehun are not happy, especially with regards the seizure of their youth resource center by the APC. “What have compounded the situation are the lies the APC have resorted to instead of providing us a youth resource center,” he pointed out.

He promised that the Pujehun District Council will soon come out with a statement with regards the lies printed and published worldwide against his district, adding that the issue has already been raised in two of their council meetings.

In Sulima, Soro Gbema Chiefdom, where the APC boasted that it has constructed a Tourist Center, Town Chief Sheka Massaquoi wasted no time to rebuke the APC claim when contacted by this reporter.

Sulima Chief and His Chiefdom Speaker Posed for Awareness Times.

“There is no tourist center in this township constructed by the APC,” he pointed out, adding that the only tourist center in Sulima is the natural beach.

According to him, they have made several pleas to the government to assist them with either a tourist center or modernization of the natural beach so as to attract tourists but all of these calls have so far fell on deaf ears.

Chief Massaquoi furthered that the former Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Joseph Koroma, once visited them at Sulima and made lots of promises. “These promises include provision of fish driers and cold room, but the least talked about those unfulfilled promises the better,” the Sulima Town Chief stated.

The chief’s assertions were buttressed by the Sulima Chiefdom Speaker, Mr. Mustapha Conteh, during the same interview held on Monday 22nd November 2010 at the Sulima Town Court Barray.

Also exposing the lies of the APC was the Pujehun District Secretary for the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), Mr. Joseph Mendae, who also happens to be a community elder in Pujehun.

At his Bondapi Road residence in Pujehun Town on Tuesday 23rd November 2010, Mendae described the development claims of the APC as blatant lies, whilst reiterating that there is no youth resource center in Pujehun District.

“I wonder why someone could stoop so low as to telling lies about a youth resource center in Pujehun after all our calls for the said center had fell on deaf ears,” PMDC Mendae said.

The Youth Chairman for Pujehun District, Melvin Rogers, also angrily rebuked the APC lies. “This is a deliberate ploy to make a mockery of the plights of the youths in Pujehun, because they actually know that the youths in this part of the country are dearly in need of a youth resource center,” he blasted.

He pointed out that the youths of Pujehun are now seeking an audience with President Koroma since his government has authored and published such claims. “We want our youth resource center now than ever before,” he pinpointed.

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