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In Sierra Leone, Comium Launches ‘SUMMERMANIA 2’
By Mohamed Kanu
Nov 29, 2010, 12:12

As the ‘Cash for Life’ promotion ends, Comium has introduced and launched another promotion dubbed: “SUMMERMANIA 2”.

The new promotion was launched on Friday 26th November 2010 at Sierra Light House, Aberdeen in Freetown for the company’s cherished subscribers.

Comium’s Director of Commercial Service, Joe Amara Bangali Jnr., said the promotion was launched to compliment the ‘SUMMERMANIA1’ promotion, which, according to him, yielded good fruits and was highly appreciated by subscribers. He reminded subscribers of an earlier promise by Comium, which was to offer more value and quality products for cherished customers.

“We will continue to introduce unique wonderful experience in the world of communication,” the director assured.

SUMMERMANNIA 2, he said, consists of three main unique exciting and rewarding offers, which include FREEAFTER 3, and BI-WEEKLY.

The FREEAFTER 3 gives subscribers the opportunity to make free calls after the first three minutes, regardless of the duration of the call.

BI-WEEKLY Draws, he continued, commences on Sunday 28th November 2010, and it gives subscribers the opportunity to win valuable prices after recharging 500 units per week.

The dynamic home offers extremely low rates for Comium-to Comium calls to subscribers residing in specific regions or areas.

He said subscribers in Bo and Makeni have already started enjoying this promotion for as low as 3 units per minute. He assured that other places will soon start to enjoy it.

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