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President Koroma Ropes SLPP MP?
By Sayoh Kamara
Nov 29, 2010, 12:22

One of former President Siaka Stevens’s tactics which enabled him to hold the whole of Sierra Leone to ransom has been seemingly adopted by current President Ernest Koroma, which is the luring of opposition members of Parliament to jumping ship. His latest captive in the wake up of disclosures of having through surreptitious means arrested the heart and mind of Tom Nyuma is said to be the Honourable Borbor Sawyer of Constituency 04 in the Kailahun District, who sources close to the President intimate, he intends to appoint as Deputy Minister of Works and Infrastructure.

Hon. Sawyer of late had demonstrated support for the APC party by siding with most of its programmes in Parliament much to the suspicion of other SLPP Members of Parliament.

Sources in Kailahun say the President’s action may not be unconnected with the confidence he has mustered for himself having succeeded in having the District Chairman, Tom Nyuma on his side. According to these anonymous sources, the appointment when effected will create a vacancy in the constituency and that the President wants to put to test his popularity in the consequent bye election in the district, given according to the sources, “the loud vuvuzela noises he and his party have trumpeted in the district about infrastructural developments which never are.”

A number of SLPP MPs contacted by this medium for their reaction to this postulation say they would not be surprised by the President’s action given “his desperation for a second term in which process he is lavishing public funds unnecessarily to capture supporters from the opposition side.”

One thing which came out succinctly clear from the reactions of the SLPP MPs is that the President is in a deliberate move to reduce the number of seats of the main opposition in Parliament as a way of reducing its critical voice in Parliament.

“Such an action can only come from a naïve politician and one who does not respect political plurality and cherishes political dominance by a single political party,” a political analyst commented yesterday when rumours of this latest President Koroma political manipulation gained momentum.

The SLPP National Scribe, Jacob Jusu Saffa said he is aware of the President’s move and as a reaction said he was surprised at neither Hon. Sawyer’s move nor that of the President. “It is the prerogative of the President to appoint whosoever he deems for any position. That is his style of politics. But as a party we are not bothered, we remain what we are and the majority of our supporters still believe in the ideals of the party,” Mr. Saffa said.

Die-heart SLPPs in Kailahun and in particular Constituency 04 have intimated that no matter the amount of money President Koroma spends on Hon. Borbor Sawyer, he and his APC party will not win any election in that part of the country because according to them, “we voted in Borbor Sawyer not as Borbor Sawyer, but as a candidate of the SLPP. If he has decided to go to any other political party against our wish, let him go for we are SLPP and will for ever remain so.”

When contracted, Hon. Borbor Sawyer said he has no knowledge that the President intends to appoint him as a deputy minister. “Although we were college mates, I have no personal or close relationship with President Koroma,” he alleged. He confessed that his relationship with members of the SLPP has always been repulsive since he joined the party in 1996, adding that the SLPP big guns are always at war with members of the party he referred to as the minorities.

“My mission in politics is Christian-based and do not believe in breeding bad blood with my political opponents,” he said, adding that he associates himself with whatever programme in parliament that is good.

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