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SLPP Elects Flagbearer in Freetown on March 5th 2011...and mandate of John Benjamin led Executive is extended until after 2012 Elections
By Bampia Bundu
Nov 29, 2010, 12:34

The mandate of the John Oponjo Benjamin led National Executive of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has been extended until after the 2012 National Elections whilst an election for position of Presidential Candidate & 2012 Elections Flagbearer will be held on March 5th 2011 right inside the capital city of Freetown in the Western Area.

These decisions were reached on Saturday 27th November 2010 at a very successful mini-convention organized by the National Executive Council (NEC) of the party in the northern city of Makeni.

The JOB led executive was supposed to leave office in March 2011 when a fresh election was to have been held but with unanimous resolve of  party’s NEC, John Oponjo Benjamin and the rest of his executive members will now remain in their various positions until after the 2012 elections.

SLPP National Leader John Benjamin & National Treasurer Joe Kallon shown in this photo now have to continue to serve SLPP, together with JJ Saffa & other Executive members, until after 2012 Elections

Meanwhile, Ambassador Alie Bangura was also chosen to be the Head of a 9-man SLPP Electoral Body that will conduct the March 2011 elections alongside eight other party stalwarts to be put forwarded by the four regional executives of the party.

Whilst delivering his speech, John Benjamin acknowledged the role of the journalists in Sierra Leone.

“To our journalists who have been covering our Monthly Press Briefings so excellently, please let me take this opportunity to once again reiterate the SLPP’s appreciation of you. Whilst we acknowledge a few problems here and there within the media landscape, the current vibrancy of local journalism makes us all proud as Sierra Leoneans. We owe special obligations to ensure safeguarding of lives and welfare of some of our journalists whom in spite of threats and intimidation, are refusing to let up on their constitutional fundamentals of keeping the world well informed. We urge the new Board and Management of SLBC to make as their mantra, the spirit of a level playing field and fair play. The SLPP is proud of our vibrant local journalists especially their fine investigative skills being showcased to the world. I urge all SLPP members to now stand and give a standing ovation to Sierra Leone’s vibrant journalists,” John Benjamin stated.

In response, every single SLPP member in the Hall stood up and gave a massive round of appreciative applause which was more than warmly welcomed by the journalists who were present in the hall.

The SLPP Leader also bluffed that should elections be held in Sierra Leone today, the SLPP would be the next Government. He thus called on investors to take careful note of what the party’s policies were as the SLPP was the next Government of Sierra Leone that investors will be dealing with. Full text of JOB’s Speech would be published in Awareness Times soon.

The Meeting was all in all, a big success and held in a frank atmosphere of discussions. It also saw the Mayors and Local Government Council Chairmen of SLPP issue out an apology to the party for the actions and utterances of Kailahun Local Council Chairman Tom Nyuma. Their Spokesman, Bo District Chairman Margao promised that the Chairmen and Mayors are planning on what disciplinary steps should be taken against Nyuma which suggestions they would forward to the party.

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