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In Sierra Leone, Goderich Community Threatened
By Aruna Turay
Nov 30, 2010, 17:00

The spate at which prohibited activities are being undertaken in the fish-rich community of Goderich has become a cause for concern to residents.

Residents say bad and illegal practices by ill-motivated people along the beaches do not only have the tendency to scare away potential investors but can also destroy the country’s fishes.

This reporter visited the said community over the weekend and the alarming spate of illegal activities was confirmed by the Councilor for Ward 332, Ibrahim Kabba-Kamara aka Small Borbor.

He said bad practices including excessive mining of sand and the use of the beaches as dumping sites for garbage is gradually fading out the beauty of the beaches.


The affected beaches include Levuma and Milton Margai Police Beach.


The councilor revealed that as a result of excessive sand mining at the Milton Margai Police Beach, the coastal line is being reduced. “This has resulted in the destruction of houses, pubs, clubs and tourist centers located close to the beach by the sweep of sea water,” he pointed out.


According to him, the earlier these activities are halted, the better. “As it stands now, there is the tendency for people to wake up one morning and find themselves in the middle of the sea,” Small Borbor said.

Councilor Kabba-Kamara said there is also the tendency to scare away tourists, investors and fishes as a result of the recurrent deposit of garbage at the beaches.


Goderich residents also raised concerns over the newly constructed local fish processing industry along the Milton Margai Police Beach.

They are more concerned over what they described as the deafening sound and bad odor emanating from the industry’s generators and machines.

Residents alleged that the waste products from the fish processing machines are being dumped at the beach.

“If this situation continues unaddressed tourists residing here will park their bags and disappear into thin air,” said a foreign national called Bernard Rose, who resides at one of the tourist guest rooms at the Milton Margai Police Beach.

Meanwhile, Goderich residents have called on the government, through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and the Freetown City Council (FCC), to intervene and right the wrongs in order to preserve the country’s tourism potentials.

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