From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Youths Endorse Alpha Timbo Candidacy
By Bampia Bundu
Nov 30, 2010, 17:10

Youths in the eastern part of Freetown have over the weekend endorsed the candidacy of one of the aspirants of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Alpha O. Timbo.

This was revealed to the Awareness Times Newspaper in random interviews held in the youthful community of Kanikay and other areas in the eastern part of Freetown. The Chairman of Sea Side Best Organization, Mr. Abdul Rahman Kamara, noted that his organization is charged with the responsibility to advocate for the youths in his organization and to bring them together in developmental activities. He pointed out that they reached the decision to support and endorse the candidacy of SLPP aspirant Alpha O. Timbo based on the assessment they did on all the other aspirants. He furthered that they are of the strong opinion that the SLPP will unseat the APC come 2012 general elections and in achieving that success the SLPP needs to choose a leader that has a national character. He said: “The SLPP should choose a leader from the north and the running mate in the west so as to take the battle in the north”. Mr. Kamara pointed out that Alpha Timbo is the only candidate that will defeat the APC in the north, as he has a strong base and a strong northern background. The chairman used the opportunity to call on delegates who will be charged with the responsibilities to determine the faith of SLPP and Sierra Leone in particular to do it in the interest of the party and the people of Sierra Leone.  He appealed to delegates not to allow people to influence them with money, tribal connections, and religious connection or by any other means. 

Meanwhile, a strong SLPP supporter who identified himself as Julius Sandi revealed that the only way they can bounce back to office come 2012 is for the delegates to choose a candidate that will unseat Ernest Koroma come 2012. He encouraged the National Executive Council of the party to educate the delegates and the aspirants about the significance of 2012 elections which is going to determine the way forward for our young democracy. 

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