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In Sierra Leone, ‘Heart 2 Heart’ Regional Dialogue Underway
By Aruna Turay
Nov 30, 2010, 17:08

A local non governmental organization called Hope Sierra Leone is presently on a regional tour dubbed “Heart 2 Heart Dialogue”.

The regional tour is being organized under the organization’s “Moral Foundation for Democracy (MFD)” peace initiative.

The dialogue which commenced few months ago is aimed at engaging various people affected by the decade long civil war in dialogues, and the Hope Sierra Leone has been able to hold successful dialogues with various war victims in different parts of the country.

From the 19th to 21st November 2010, successful “Heart 2 Heart Dialogues” were held in the Bonthe and Bombali Districts.

Graced by large turnouts, issues of forgiveness and the way forward to a better post war Sierra Leone were discussed.

At Mattru Jong in the Bonthe District on 21st November 2010, the Country Director for Hope Sierra Leone, Mr. John Bangura, said MFD peace initiative is determined to manage and resolve the differences among Sierra Leoneans.

He added that MFD came into being as a result of the growing enmity and animosity among individuals, political parties and communities and the unwillingness to constructively accept values of respect for democratic divergent views and other democratic practice.

According to him, there are clear indications that more effort is needed in the direction of promoting the values and respect for democratic divergent views in order to achieve reconciliation, national cohesion and sustainable development.

The dialogue, he continued, is designed to engage community stakeholders in conflict related issues in order to encourage them to embrace each other for national cohesion.

In his welcome address, Paramount Chief for Mattru Jong, Hon. Alie B. Sheriff said Hope-SL is an organization that has been doing a remarkable job for the people of his chiefdom and the country as a whole.

He said there will be no development without peace, and expressed hopes that the dialogue will bring peace and development in the chiefdom.

P.C Sheriff used the forum as an opportunity to encourage his subjects to make good use of the dialogue and put their differences aside for development.

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