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APC Threatens Violence in Tonko Limba and C.A. Kamara Taylor Foundation Distances itself from Politics
By Our Investigators
Dec 1, 2010, 17:14

Even as the proactive Sierra Leone Police Inspector General Francis Munu is working day and night to come up with strategies to combat political violence that has reared its ugly head in the eastern district of Kono, the northern part of Sierra Leone is now under the threat of similar political violence but this time from the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party against an Independent Candidate slated to contest the upcoming December 11th 2010 Local Government Bye-Elections  in Tonko Limba Chiefdom of Kambia District.

Desmond Edward Aziz Kamara is an APC party member whom his people have decided to put up as an independent candidate against the ruling APC party in the upcoming Bye-Elections for Local Councillor in Tonko Limba Chiefdom but the APC hierarchy in the locality, including the newly crowned Town Chief of Kamasasa, Kompolo Abdul Sesay, have allegedly threatened to teach Desmond Kamara a lesson over his show of defiance. According to our sources on the ground, the Town Chief has made a house-to-house announcement threatening to not only violently deal with anyone campaigning for Desmond Kamara but also threatening the parents of those youths whom are believed to be strong supporters of Desmond Kamara’s candidature against the APC candidate.

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According to Desmond Kamara who spoke to Awareness Times, he has already complained verbally and in writing to the Police, the National Electoral Commission, the Political Parties Registration Commission and the Paramount Chief of Tonko Limba Chiefdom over the threats to the lives of himself and his supporters and their family members.

Desmond Kamara is also calling the attention of the general public and the international community within the country to pay very close attention to the elections to be held in Northern Sierra Leone within the next two weeks as he alleges violence is a tool that unscrupulous members of his APC party are determined to unleash upon their own people is they are not deterred.

“If the elections are held in Ward 129 of Tonko LImba Chiefdom in a free and fair manner, you can be sure that Desmond Aziz Kamara will win by a landslide but with the open threats of violence by the APC against us, the elections willnot be free and fair unless the authorities step in immediately to maintain the peace in Tonko Limba,” said Manso Dumbuya, a 29 year old student who hails from the area.

However, despite the threats of violence from the Town Chiefs and other APC elements,  the people of Tonko Limba, especially the youths, have vowed to “teach a bitter lesson to the APC Headquarters for oversighting Desmond Aziz Kamara, the popular choice”.

The youths claim that Internal Affairs Minister Ambassador Dauda Kamara, Hon. Patrick Lahai Kargbo representing the area in Parliament and other “useless imposters pretending to have support in Tonko Limba” have been fooling President Koroma when they are not the proper representation of then people of Tonko Limba.

Meanwhile, the President of the C.A Kamara Taylor Foundation has yesterday complained to Awareness Times that the Foundation was a non-political one and those of its members who are involving themselves in the politics of Tonko Limba Chiefdom, should refrain from using the name of the organisation in political verbal missiles. The President, Alie Conteh, who also doubles as President of the National Union of APC Students in a no-nonsense mood told the Awareness Times that their Foundation has not even been launched yet.

“The C.A. Kamara-Taylor Foundation is development oriented and has nothing to do with politics so the press should not drag our name into political issues,” Conteh lamented.

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