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Sierra Leone People’s Party Press Statement
Dec 1, 2010, 17:00

Sierra Leone People’s Party


Freetown, November 30th 2010: The Sierra Leone People’s Party is dismayed to have heard the APC Party Spokesman, Political Affairs and Mineral Resources Minister,  Alhaji Alpha Kanu, over numerous media airwaves this morning, alleging that the Speech by the National Leader of the SLPP, Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin delivered in Makeni on Saturday November 27th 2010 was the inciter of the recent violent uprising on the African Minerals Tonkolili Mining Site during which the landowners of the area allegedly attacked and destroyed equipment worth billions of Leones.

The SLPP wishes to inform the public that Alhaji Alpha Kanu, a celebrated liar, was merely practising his lying skills this morning. The truth is that the violent uprising of the locals in Tonkolili occurred on Thursday November 25th 2010.

Therefore a speech by Mr. John Benjamin written and delivered several days after the violent uprising simply cannot be said to have instigated the violence. Mr. John Benjamin possesses many admirable skills but, like all human beings, he does not possess the skill to influence events that have since passed.

The SLPP will appreciate an immediate apology from Alhaji Alpha Kanu to Mr. John Benjamin. A good Muslim and an honest politician knows the value of retracting false statements and we hope Alhaji Alpha Kanu, will try to live up to these values if he can.


Ibrahim N. Amara

Special Assistant
Office of the National Chairman/ Leader
Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party

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