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Sierra Leone ‘Wikileaks’ develops at U.N. over Leaked Cables
By Our Special Correspondent
Dec 1, 2010, 17:04

It is currently a tough time for female staff working at the Schulenburg headed United Nations office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL) as some are being psychologically harangued over who leaked secret Coded Cables from UNIPSIL to Awareness Times news Publisher Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. The developing situation has now been dubbed in diplomatic circles as Sierra Leone’s ‘Wikileaks’ Saga.

It can be recalled that the Awareness Times Publisher is currently in possession of top-secret Coded Cables sent over the last one year from UNIPSIL to UN Headquarters in New York in which terrible lies against certain Sierra Leonean citizens are included therein; in order to mislead the United Nations. Some of the information is so distorted and dangerous that if the U.N. Headquarters in New York continues to act on them, the U.N. will be seriously mis-reading the political climate in the country. Following a phone call from Awareness Times to UNIPSIL’s Mr. Berhanemeskel Nega in which the contents of the secret Coded Cables, as leaked, was read out to him as well as other investigative facts as uncovered, it has been a state of siege at the UNIPSIL office over who leaked the secret cables.

Berhanemeskel Nega

Innocent female staff such as one Mrs. Nabila Tunis and one Mrs. Anne Janneh are now the primary suspects with poor Mrs. Janneh turning up for work two days ago on Monday November 29th 2010, at her Administrative Officer to ERSG Office, only to find her office door locks abruptly changed without notice and her office computer even being seized for “forensic analysis” to determine if she was the one who sent the Coded Cables to Sylvia Blyden; all to the amusement of this newspaper’s real sources within the U.N. operations.

Mrs. Nabila Tunis is another female staff married to an SLPP former parliamentarian, for which connection, she is said to be under suspicion. Mrs. Tunis is also now reported to be running scared for her job as Mr. Nega is known to be very vindictive to female staff whom he suspects of being against his vertically-challenged stature. One incident even had the United Nations Ombudsman in New York stepping in to protect and enforce the rights of a certain female U.N. Radio staff against Nega’s bullying.

Another woman affected by the big ‘Salone Wikileaks’ cyclone that has hit UNIPSIL is Madam Naasu Fofana who as of yesterday November 30th 2010, following our Wilkinson Road Pimp-dancing publication, is now all set to be transferred, like a piece of flotsam or jetsam, from Gender Affairs to ERSG’s Office. She is said to now be a suspect despite ‘close’ to Nega.

“Nega has panicked over the pimp-dancing Wilkinson Road coverage and he is suspecting everyone right now even Naasu; we are just waiting for the green light from Mr. Schulenburg for Naasu to be transferred but funnily Schulenburg never knew about Naasu’s real connection to Nega,” our UNIPSIL source told Awareness Times at close of business yesterday.

Subsequent publications will deal with just who is Mr. ‘Pekito’ (i.e: who sleeps with young Sierra Leone girls (pekin)? Just stay tuned right here. There are pages and pages of revelations coming for our readers which can be classic material on how NOT to run a United Nations office.

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