From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Letter To Tech: The Political ĎDomboloí in Kono
Dec 2, 2010, 17:00

Dear Tech,

It is indeed great to see that you are back after a very long silence! Honestly, I think you would not have come at a much better time to hear your thoughts on the recent DOMBOLO in Kono Donít tell me that you are happy with the fact that the government took so long to issue an official statement condemning such level of violence. 

I canít believe that the Ernest Koroma APC government that has been to a very large extent proactive, or shall we say OFFENSIVE, on many important fronts in making Sierra Leone a place majority of Sierra Leoneans will be proud of, could afford to have got this one wrong by playing the waiting game. Donít you think that the lukewarm reaction, or shall we say DEFENSIVE response, from the government to the violent Kono incident provided a ready made arsenal to the opposition SLPP to make political capital out of it?   

I canít believe that even the Kono District Descendants Union was quick enough to beat the governmentís time in condemning these acts of violence .What the hell do you think is responsible for this delayed action by the government to call a spade a spade and take action? I canít believe that the Ernest Koroma government that is flying high in many respects could afford to  allow the gains made so far under his new dynamic leadership to be stolen by  some non-challant political thugs . If you are serious enough in addressing such violent situations you would not wait for almost two weeks before issuing a statement condemning them and ordering police investigations to make sure that they donít happen anymore.  Do you think the government would learn from this and do things differently in the future?

TECH, I know these are very difficult questions but I can only hope that you would do justice to them as you have always done. I trust you as somebody who is bold enough to tell the truth no matter what! Before I go should I say that I was really pleased to hear that government has at least reacted, albeit belatedly, since as the saying goes better late than never.  I wish it had proacted! I only hope that the police investigators would do justice to this matter and bring all those responsible, no matter their political affiliation, or their level of authority or influence, to book. I only hope that they would not backpedal as soon as some of those famous KONO STONES start changing hands! TECH, as you well know anything is possible in this our YOU GO SOBER world! Bye for now!!! 

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