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Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) Set to Demolish Houses in Bo
Dec 2, 2010, 17:26

Houses and other structures within the ‘right-of-way’ perimeter along five roads presently under construction in Bo are going to face demolition.

This was disclosed by the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) Regional Engineer, Francis Suluku Bockarie.

Bockarie told newsmen in Bo on Wednesday 1st December, 2010 that the five roads under construction by the SLRA in that part of the country are Fenton Road, Bojon Street, Dambala Road, Tinkonko Road and Prince Williams Street. "These roads are part of the quick-win-project which is expected to be completed before next year’s independence anniversary," he disclosed, adding that the Italian Construction Company (SALCOST) is working on a tight time frame for the completion of work. He therefore, urged property owners along the Right of Way to relocate to other suitable locations.

SLRA Regional Engineer, Francis Suluku Bockarie.


According to him, the property owners to be affected have received adequate sensitization and time. "We will therefore tolerate no form of excuse when the demolition exercises commences," he stressed.


Mr. Bockarie informed newsmen that a fair compensation package will be given to legal land owners who can produce original copies of their land documents, while he stressed that illegal land grabbers will receive no compensation.


The SLRA Regional Engineer used the forum as an opportunity to appeal to affected property owners to ensure a total support to the realization of the road works in order to achieve socio-economic development in the city of Bo in particular, and the country as a whole.

He said the road works is going at a faster pace, and that there are indications that they would be completed within the April time frame.

He noted that payment of compensation to rightful land owners will not delay the work process, whilst pointing out that the demolition process may occur prior to compensation payments.

He emphasized that the quick-win project is time bound, and that SLRA and SALCOST will not tolerate any form of delay.

He called on the general public to display maximum understanding and make sacrifices for positive change.

Bockarie disclosed that the demolition exercise will commence anytime soon. "The exercise will start very soon though," he intimated, though he did not stipulate a specific time line. He was however, optimistic that the demolition was going to start pretty soon. He warned Kiosk owners and those having business structures on the Right-of-Ways to remove those structures with immediate effect. "This massive demolition exercise will live no stone unturned, he concluded.

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