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Sierra Leone's President Koroma Accused of Lack of Due Diligence
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 6, 2010, 14:14

Serious concerns are being raised over a seeming penchant of the President of Sierra Leone appending his signature to documents he might not have properly read in a glaring show of lack of due diligence at the Office of the President. Even as the embarrassment over the 3-Years Turnaround outright lies is yet to ease, it has now emerged that President Koroma on 3rd December 2010 appended his red-inked signature to the official release of his list of new Cabinet which contained a serious error which has now been unfortunately transmitted all over the world. President Koroma signed that the name of his new Deputy Minister of his newly created Ministry of Youth Employment & Sports is Emmanuel Gaima when it has now emerged that the President meant to name one Daniel Gaima.

When Awareness Times contacted the said Emmanuel Gaima, he expressed “serious dismay” and insisted that he has been “thoroughly embarrassed” by the announcement which has seen many people calling him from all over the world querying as to why his name was on the Cabinet list.

“If indeed President Koroma appended his signature to the document as released, then it means there is a serious problem of due diligence at the Office of the President,” Emmanuel Gaima stated adding based on the fact that he used to socialise and discuss with President Koroma prior to his ascendancy to the Presidency, “The Ernest Koroma I used to know would not have signed his name to such a major document without first carefully cross-checking the contents. Something is wrong”.

It will be recalled that the recent 3-Years Turnaround Presidential Publication with a PREFACE by President Koroma himself contained numerous false statements of non-existent achievements of President Koroma.

However, other people have opined that President Ernest Koroma might be in need of a vacation as even the time of release of the Cabinet List in the early morning hours was a sign that all might not be as normal as they should be around our dear President.

“The poor man has not taken even one month vacation to go away and rest since he became President. He has just been working and working and working to turn things around in the country. He needs rest. He needs a vacation to soothe his psychological frame of mind,” one of his close relatives told Awareness Times.

See below for copies of the actual 5-paged signed document as released by President Koroma.

President Koroma’s actual signature in bright red ink on the document mistakenly listing Emmanuel Gaima instead of Daniel Gaima as the Deputy Minister of Youth Employment & Sports

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