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In Sierra Leone, Goderich Police Arrest Drums of Stolen Fuel
By Aruna Turay
Dec 7, 2010, 17:20

Goderich Police Division, under the new leadership of Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) Alhaji Gibril Kabba Kamara aka Gallant Police, has intercepted and arrested dozens of drums and gallons of fuel which is believed to have been stolen from CSE Construction Company.

Local Unit Commander of the Goderich Police Division, Alhaji Gibril Kabba Kamara, confirmed to the Awareness Times on Monday 6th December 2010 that the discovery and arrest were made on Thursday 3rd December 2010.

The arrest was made following routine police raids in the Goderich community and its surroundings headed by the gallant LUC.

The result of the successful raid was the interception and arrested several drums of stolen diesel fuel which were discovered onboard a mini bus with registration number ACD 667 along Angola Town in Goderich. 

According to LUC Kabba Kamara, his division has been receiving tip-offs that certain ill-minded people are in the persistent habit of stealing gallons of fuel from the CSE Construction Company, thus the conduct of the raid.

Chief Superintendent Kabba Kamara went on that “the persistent stealing of fuel from the company has the potential of derailing President Koroma’s moves to provide good roads for this country”. He assured that the police will not sit back and watch such ill-motivated people achieve their selfish aims at the detriment of the country’s development. CSP Kabba Kamara further cited that since he assumed office as the LUC for the Goderich Police Division some few weeks ago, he has held several meetings with all the communities under his jurisdiction to sensitize them about his method of policing and to also solicit their support in the business of policing their communities.

“As I used to do in Lumley, I have already put mechanisms in place to ensure that I left no stone unturned while going after criminals” he pointed out, adding that: “It is sad to see Sierra Leoneans sabotaging development aspirations”.

Two people, Patrick Moseray the driver of the mini bus and Saidu Kamara who confessed having knowledge to unlawful possession of drums of diesel have been arrested and put under police custody at the Goderich Police Division helping the police with their investigations.

However, in an exclusive interview with the driver Patrick Moseray at his detention cell, he explained that he was hired by Saidu Kamara to collect and transport the gallons of fuel from Angola Town to Goderich at an agreed fee of two thousand Leones per gallon.

He furthered that this is not the first time he has been rendering such services from Angola Town to Goderich.

On his part, the owner of the fuel Saidu Kamara told this reporter that he bought the diesel from a Korean boat on sea. “I used to buy diesel from boats doing transshipment on sea as the price of fuel from these boat are lesser that on land,” he explained.

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