From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Let the Show Continue... Let the Games Go On... No Wahala for this Sierra Leone Lady!
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 7, 2010, 17:04

An assurance I can give to those manufacturing trashy lies against others in the name of defending President Koroma is that President Koroma will surely end up being fair game in reaction. And as the United Nations Schulenburg-Nega team here is all about to find out, lies do not hold up – whether coded lies or non-coded lies, a lie is a lie and will never hold up to Posterity. Only the truth holds up.

If you Ernest Koroma’s handlers write manufactured nonsense that Sylvia Blyden is a liar who failed medical school even though Sylvia Blyden not only has two University degrees from Medical School but she graduated top of her class from Medical School and Sylvia Blyden has never failed an academic examination in her entire life, then I will not respond to your personal attacks and lies but when an issue of Presidential Lies comes up and I have the option to exercise discretion or write about it in the public interest, well, you can guess what I will do...

If you Ernest Koroma’s spindoctors write manufactured nonsense that Sylvia Blyden is mentally deranged and create outlandish lies that Sylvia Blyden has in the past been treated by Dr. Nahim or by any Psychiatrist when Sylvia Blyden has never even had cause to seek care for even ordinary headache stress, then I will not respond to your personal attack but when an issue of possible psychiatric and work-stress issues arises around a cause you value; for which I could either write about it in the public interest or exercise my discretion over it, you can guess what I will do...

If you Ernest Koroma’s defenders extend the attacks to my family members on behalf of fighting for Ernest Koroma, I will extend issues to other people’s family members! WATCH ME! If you insult my wonderful mother that she was found culpable of corruption in the civil service when the poor woman retired from the civil service with not only an unblemished record but with several shining laurels to her credit from the World Bank and IMF visiting teams, I will not dignify the trash against my mother with a response but when the opportunity comes for me to choose to exercise discretion against other people’s mothers or expose them in the public interest, I will refuse to exercise such discretion and instead expose anyone’s mother found culpable of any act of corruption or peddling of influence! And I am not speaking of ordinary citizens mothers... WATCH ME!

Bottom-line, let the games go on and at the end of the day, we will soon learn why in civilised democratic states of the Western world, matured Prime Ministers, Heads of States, Presidents and Democratic Leaders do not encourage their subordinates and spin-doctors to write manufactured trashy lies against their political opponents let alone write manufactured trashy lies against journalists doing their jobs.

Let the games go on. Between Sylvia Blyden and those foolish people who say they are fighting for Ernest Koroma, we will see who wins and who loses. Afterall, Sylvia Blyden is not looking for a political job neither is she the one seeking the mandate of the people for a Second Term in office.

Sylvia Blyden is not looking for a job but Sylvia Blyden currently has an array of willing volunteers located all over the country on standby to assist with cogent information to fit any situation. Sylvia Blyden also has an arsenal of information in her possession which she can exercise the discretion to release or not to release.

Trust me that I will never defend myself against rubbish, lies and manufactured personal attacks done in the name of ‘fighting for President Koroma’ but I can launch information ‘in the public interest’ to fit the occasion for any manufactured personal attack. If you want to debate me on issues, that is fine but if you continue to test me with manufactured rubbish that seek to defame me, we will see who will win and who will lose!

Meanwhile, Pen-pushers saying I could be locked up in jail for questioning whether President Koroma lied in his ‘3-Years Achievements Book’ should know that we are not living in a stupid Siaka Stevens dictatorship but in a democratic and free State. Let the Games go on... At the end of the day, there will surely be a Winner and a Loser.

What I know is that I am not running for office in 2012 and what I also know is that many, many people (voting citizens) in this country look up to me and my writings for inspiration as well as for a better understanding of issues in this land. This is why Awareness Times is the most highly sought after newspaper in this land. Readers rush for copies in the morning. News vendors suffer from depressed sales if they do not have copies of the paper because many people refuse to buy from vendors who do not have Awareness Times.

At a time when Ernest Koroma needs as many people as possible to see him as someone deserving of a Second Term, if he has hirelings who are idiots and political cretins damaging his chances by publishing lies against credible journalists; credible journalists who have the potential to be dealing him devastating blows, No Wahala for me. To paraphrase Mr. President, ‘if den nor tire; mesef nor go tire’. 2012 is just around the corner!

So, what next? You have mislabelled me as a liar. You have mislabelled me as a failed medical student. You have mislabelled me as a psychiatric patient. You have mislabelled me with so much not even leaving my private and personal life out of your manufacturing exercises that you managed to embroil the United Nations Office here in as a willing tool to send manufactured rubbish to New York in coded cables about me but in all of this, I stand unfazed because THE TRUE NA IN DEY LAST (Only the truth survives).

Whilst many people express anger over the clearly manufactured rubbish and all the lies, I refuse to be distracted or get riled up. Experience has taught me only the truth survives. It is because only the truth survives that caused me to be awarded a National Honour for my work in Journalism despite all the manufactured rubbish lies against me during the War years.

When I was in exile in USA, I was labelled with most horrendous allegations possible against a woman but I stood tall because I knew they were all RUBBISH manufactured up by my detractors back then. Today, I continue to stand tall as I challenge the new set of ‘masters’ in the land and once again, we have a new set of allegations popping up.

I do confess that sometimes, I find it amusing to see so many grown-up men jumping all over the place writing about Sylvia Blyden on their front pages.

In the last one week, APC We Yone Newspaper, Peep Newspaper, For Di People paper, Torchlight Newspaper and Mohamed ‘One Drop’ Sankoh have written down innuendoes/lies against the name ‘SYLVIA BLYDEN’ a grand total of 57 times. Yes, Fifty Seven Times in just one week alone! They wrote down the name SYLVIA BLYDEN more times than they wrote down the name ERNEST KOROMA. As I told my buddy the Editor of APC We-Yone over the past weekend, he has given me and Awareness Times more prominence on his front page than he has given to Ernest Koroma in the last two or three weeks. SYLVIA BLYDEN’s name has been more important than ERNEST KOROMA’s name inside the APC mouthpiece!

As for the pro-APC online internet ragsheets, well, I am the most written about person on all the APC sponsored ragsheets.

No wonder people look at me and exclaim out “You Are Indeed a Wonder to Behold! You Na Woman bobs!” [BIG GRIN].

So, let the Show go on... Let the Games Continue... No Wahala!

In 2012, I am not the one contesting. I am just the one writing. Lonta!

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