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Sudden Death Hits CORD Sierra Leone
By Augustine Samba
Dec 9, 2010, 17:22

Executive Director of CORD Sierra Leone, Dr. Alfred A. Sandy, 58, on Wednesday 8th December 2010 died in Freetown.

The late man was on his way to work when he suddenly fell ill and all efforts to save his life proved fruitless.

CORD Sierra Leone Finance Officer told the Awareness Times that Dr. Sandy left the office at about 5:30pm on Tuesday 7th December 2010, looking healthy, whilst describing the loss as irreparable.

According to him, Dr. Sandy even conducted a brief meeting on that Tuesday where priority issues for Wednesday’s work were discussed.


The lateman’s driver said his boss looked healthy when he boarded the vehicle on Wednesday morning at his Marjay Town residence.

“We were approaching the Lumley roundabout when he complained that he was not felling alright,” Amara Kamara explained, adding that he wasted no time in driving him to the Satellite Hospital at Kingharman Road.


He disclosed that Dr. Sandy gave up his last breathe before arriving at the hospital.


He is survived by his daughter Yea Miattia Alfred Sandy, wife Baby Batilo Sensie-Sandy and other relatives and friends.

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