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In Sierra Leone, Midwives Trained to Save Lives
Dec 9, 2010, 17:16

Midwives, otherwise known as maternal and child health aides (MCHAIDES), have vowed to make maternal and infant mortality a thing of the past.

This was done during a two days training workshop organized by ADDO-CARITAS in Serabu Town, Bompeh Chiefdom, Bo District, over the weekend.

With support from the European Union, the training was aimed at empowering the participants on the use of ‘pantographs’ for pregnant women and to refresh their minds on care before and after delivery.

This is in line with government drive to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the country.

It has been revealed that many complicated deliveries and abnormalities in children occur as a result of improper use of the ‘pantographs’, thus the training workshop, which has been described as highly educative and of great importance to grass root midwives. 

Matron of Serabu Catholic Hospital Theresa Baby Nallo said midwives and traditional birth attendants should work to compliment each other.

She admonished the participants to be diligent in the execution of their duties particularly for newly born babies and pregnant women.

She noted that even though the free health care policy did not cover Serabu Catholic Hospital, medical personnel at the hospital have been doing their best to compliment government’s effort in its bid to reduce maternal and infant deaths.

Matron Nallo urged the midwives to make good use of the knowledge gained particularly with regards the use of ‘pantographs’ for pregnant women. She explained that through ‘pantographs’, nurses can detect development of the unborn child and prevent abnormal delivery.

Lead Trainer Kadie James told the nurses to use the ‘pantographs’ correctly. She emphasized that the use of ‘pantographs’ could help save the lives of pregnant women and the unborn child.

All the MCHAIDES present agreed to be using the ‘pantographs’ and even promised to orientate traditional births attendants on the use of pantographs.

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