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Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation (SLBC), Boss Denies Resignation Rumour
By Abdul Fonti
Dec 9, 2010, 17:26



SLBC Board Chair
Director General of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation (SLBC), Elvis Gbanabom Hallowell, has vehemently denied rumours that he has resigned his position.


Like bush fire in the harmattan, it was all over Freetown in particular and the world at large through the facebook social network that the SLBC DG tendered his resignation following a rift between him on one hand and the institution’s board on the other hand. However, the DG has confirmed that there was no rift between him and the board as widely rumored.


"As I speak to you now, I am sitting right inside my office and nothing like resigning my position is in my mind,” Hallowell told this writer in a telephone interview, whilst informing that he also heard the rumours.


Staff of the institution also denied knowledge of the wild rumours, stating that the relationship between the DG and the board was cordial.

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