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Sierra Leone President, Associated Press & U.S. Embassy
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Dec 10, 2010, 13:02

Many aspects, of the infamous leaked U.S. Embassy Cable report on President Koroma of Sierra Leone having allegedly shielded his aide Kemoh Sesay from police arrest, have been largely discredited thus leaving the motives behind the authorship of such an erroneous cable to be highly suspect. For example, aside the supposed source of the Embassy’s allegations being attributed to “rumor”, most glaring discrepancy was that the well-known political alignment and orientation of the said Kemoh Sesay was deliberately skewed within the Cables to present a different picture from the reality to the ultimate reader.

Shockingly, despite the Cable contents now being discredited, Mr. Clarence Roy-Macauley of the Associated Press (AP), for inexplicable reasons, has decided to send out a skewed report which left out the fact that the contents of the U.S. Embassy Cable had been already discredited. Roy-Macauley also mysteriously left out input from the Sierra Leone Police in his skewed report sent around the world that gave credence to a non-credible report.

Even more disheartening is that very competent sources at the President’s Office have revealed to Awareness Times that Roy-Macauley, a supposedly independent international journalist who has bagged lofty journalism awards, has been making frantic phone calls to Presidential aides lobbying them on behalf of the United States Embassy.

According to our Presidential sources, Mr. Roy-Macauley wants aides to lobby the Sierra Leone President to ignore the discredited cable as it pre-dated the arrival of the DEA and SOCA officials whom had all helped to clear Kemoh Sesay’s name. Roy Macauley also is said to be informing aides that the discredited old Cable did not reflect the fact that there was currently an excellent relationship between America and Sierra Leone which now has seen Peace Corps return to Sierra Leone and also has seen President Obama directly hailing Sierra Leone Government at the United Nations.

However what has puzzled the Presidential aides is just why will Clarence Roy Macauley be lobbying the President’s Office, on behalf of the US Embassy, saying the discredited Cable is insignificant and should be ignored but at the same time, Clarence Roy-Macauley is busy filing Associated Press reports around the world giving credence to the discredited Embassy cable.

Efforts to reach Clarence Roy-Macauley yesterday proved futile but we will run his own side if he so desires.

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