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Afsatu Kabba
Afsatu Lectures Students against Violence
By Bampia Bundu
Dec 13, 2010, 12:16

Former Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resource, Haja Afsatu Kabba, has delivered a brilliant lecture to students from various schools across the country on character education including the need to refrain from violent activities in their communities.

This was done at the character education series organized by the United Peace Federation on 11th December 2010 at the conference hall of Pekin to Pekin Movement, Macdonald St. in Freetown with a theme of: “Developing students to realize their potentials through character education series”.

In her presentation as Chairperson for the UPF, Haja Afsatu Kabba, whilst advising the students to always take their school work seriously, noted that violence is no option for them.

“You are peace ambassadors. The society looks up to you for good practice. You should therefore serve as role models to others students in your schools. Always endeavor to respect authorities,” she advised.

She then called on the student to ensure the formation of Peace Clubs in their various schools and admonished them to always have hope, confidence, faith and trust in whatever they do.

Afsatu Kabba used the forum as an opportunity to encourage the students to always endeavor to portray self confidence in all their undertakings. “You should not allow yourselves to be defeated because of lack of self confidence,” she intimated.

According to Afsatu Kabba, education is the most valuable thing that parents and guardians can give to their children.

“Education cannot be taken from a person once you have received it,” Afsatu Kabba noted, adding that education enables a person to know what he/she is capable of doing.


She stressed on the importance for one to properly know oneself more than anybody does. “If you know yourself you will surely be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way,” she explained.

She said human beings have diverse characters, but stressed that ‘we can create positive impact in whatever we do if we come together’.

The Amir of Ahmadiyya Mission, Amir Saeed-ul-Rahman, commended the organizers of the training, noting that it will significantly help to develop the minds of the students. He appealed to the beneficiaries to take the training seriously and ensure they serve as ambassadors to disseminate the knowledge gained to their colleagues.

Keynote address was delivered by the Deputy Minister of Education, Youths and Sports, Dr. Lansana Nyallay.

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